Embedded Systems

With leading industrial embedded computing technology, Portwell has developed industrial-grade WEBS rugged embedded computer systems for harsh environment such as factory automation, transportation, facility management, networking, and public works. To meet these harsh environmental parameters, each WEBS rugged embedded computer system is designed by precise thermal simulation and verification to make the system stable and user-friendly. These fanless embedded PCs have all-aluminum chassis design to provide effective heat dissipation and transfer the heat out of the system quickly and easily. Built with the latest Intel® technologies, the WEBS systems feature not only superior performance but also low power consumption. They are environmentally-friendly and suitable for energy-critical applications. Browse our selection of rugged fanless embedded PCs today.

RS4U Series

SMARC Embedded System Platform

NANO-ITX Embedded System Platform

3.5 ECX Embedded System Platform

Specific Embedded System Platform


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