• Three 5.25” and one external 3.5” HDD drive bays for RAID 0, 1, 5 & CD-ROM
  • Two USB ports on the front panel
  • Dual 12cm ball-bearing cooling fans for better ventilation
  • Two card retainer positions
  • PS/2 or redundant power supply installable
  • ATX M/B applicable (AREMO-4196-MX)
  • Easily detached and washable air filter
  • Equipped with fan control card to detect fan failure

AREMO-4196 and AREMO-4196-MX is 19” 4U Rack-mount chassis and designed for PICMG SBC/SHB and ATX form factor with stylish front panel design, up to 14-slot expansion for PICMG backplane. AREMO-4196 series can support PS/2 PSU, two USB interface on front panel and build with replaceable air filter. AREMO-4196 series is suitable in several vertical markets, like Factory and Server applications.

Ordering Guide

AREMO-3196 19” 4U rack-mount chassis for PICMG Version
AREMO-3196/B 19” 4U black rack-mount chassis for PICMG Version
AREMO-3196-MX 19” 4U rack-mount chassis for M/B Version
AREMO-3196-MX/B 19” 4U black rack-mount chassis for M/B Version

Packing List

  • RUBY-9715VG2AR
  • RUBY-9716VGAR
Micro ATX
  • RUBY-9713VG2AR
  • PBP-13D4
  • PBP-14A7
  • PBP-14AC
  • PBP-14AC-B
  • PBP-14P4
  • PBP-14PD64
Power Supply
  • ORION-D4602P
  • ORION-D4201P
  • ORION-D3502P
  • ORION-D3501P
  • ORION-D4601P
  • ORION-D5501P
  • ORION-300DX