Support Desktop In Intel® 10th Gen Core™ Processors ATX with DDR4 Long- DIMM up to 128Gb , VGA 2x DP port, HDMI ,Dual GbE LAN, Six COM Ports


  • Intel® 10th Gen Core™ Processors support
  • Four Long-DIMM suppo rt DDR4 Non-ECC DRAM up to 128GB
  • Support dual Ethernet, 6x COM Ports, 6x USB 3.2 Ports , 6x SATA III Ports and Audio
  • Two PCIe x16 (1x PCIe x8 signal), threePCIe x4 , two PCI slot, one M.2 (Type B) , one M.2 (Key E) for Wireless, one M.2 (Key M) for SSD


RUBY -D812 is based on Intel® Q470E chipset and Desktop processors including Intel® 10th Gen™ Core i3/i5/i7 SKU. This board supports DDR4 , PCIe 4.0, and SATAIII. Those features help you to build high performance and stabile system. 


Form Factor ATX
CPU Intel® 10th Gen Core™ Processors CPU in LGA1200 package
Chipset Intel® Q470
Memory 4 x DDR4 Long-DIMM up to 128GB
Expansion 2x PCIe x16 (1 x PCIe x8 signal) ,3x PCIe x4 slots
Display VGA/Dual DP/HDMI
Audio Realtek ALC887 HDA codec
LAN 2x GbE
Serial Port 2x RS232/422/485 port one on REAR I/O , one on board header
4x RS232 port on pin header
USB 4x USB3.2 (Gen2) on rear I/O(3x Type A + 1x Type C)
2x USB3.2(Gen1) on pin header
2x USB2.0 on pin header
2x vertical connectors on board
Storage Devices 6x SATAIII ports(port1 /port2 shared with M.2 Key M)
GPIO 8 bit
Others N/A
Dimension 304.8 x 243.8mm

Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide
AB1-3 60 (R).RUBY-D812-Q470E
ATX IMB.LGA1200 Q470E. w/ DDR4 /VGA/Dual DP/HDMI Dual GbE/COM/Audio/USB

Packing List

Packing List
One R UBY-D812 motherboard
One I/O shield
One SATA Cable


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   RUBY-D812-Q470E | Catalog 20211123   November 23, 2021
268.2 KB 1324 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_RUBY-D812-Q470E_10100 | BIOS 10100   January 17, 2022

    R0 BIOS FW

    10.03 MB 308 Downloads
        Driver | Driver 20220301   March 3, 2022


      950.4 KB 299 Downloads
        Driver | Driver 20220301   March 3, 2022


      46.2 MB 281 Downloads
        Driver| Driver 3.0.2707.0   March 3, 2022


      2 MB 287 Downloads
        Driver | Driver   March 3, 2022


      31.4 MB 266 Downloads
        Driver | Driver 12.0.22751.0   March 3, 2022


      345.4 MB 257 Downloads
        Driver | Driver 10.1.18698.8258   March 3, 2022


      5.8 MB 249 Downloads
        Driver | Driver 1.0.494.0   March 3, 2022


      450/4 MB 229 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_RUBY-D812_R1.1.pdf | Manual R1.1   June 10, 2022

        RUBY-D812 manual update

        1.5 MB 93 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_RUBY-D812-Q470E_R1.0.pdf | Manual 20220321   March 21, 2022
        1.3 MB 318 Downloads
            Software | Software 4.4.31   November 22, 2021

          Add ROBO-8115 & RUBY-D812 support

          11.24 MB 501 Downloads

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