Portwell Empowers Business and Industrial NAS Equipment Upgrade

Portwell collaborated with a network telecommunications equipment company to upgrade the Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers in their factory. NAS servers specialize in network file access services, offering file storage and sharing, data backup and recovery, remote access, data synchronization, and multimedia services. They enable centralized data management, enhancing efficiency and ensuring security. In business or industrial operations, NAS stands out for its low cost, ease of installation and maintenance, and scalability to meet growing data demands, significantly boosting operational management to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Challenges of NAS Servers in Factory Environments

Using NAS servers in factory environments involves overcoming harsh conditions such as high temperatures, dust, vibrations, and humidity. Therefore, industrial-grade design with wide temperature support, as well as dust, water, and corrosion resistance are essential. High performance and low power consumption are also crucial, alongside flexible scalability, remote management, and maintenance capabilities, allowing IT managers to monitor and maintain systems anytime, anywhere.

NAS Server Project Requirements

The project requirements for hardware and services include high-performance and low-power hardware to ensure energy efficiency and stable operation. Since the equipment is often installed in environments with uncertain room temperatures, hardware with wide temperature support is necessary. Additionally, the project required assistance in developing customized BIOS and ensuring a stable supply of components for over seven years. If a revision or material replacement was needed, it should be notified at least six months before the last revision.

Portwell's Network Embedded Solutions and DMS Services

For this project, Portwell provided the WADE-8213-Q670E embedded motherboard that meets the specifications required for upgrading network device performance. It features Intel computing technology, supports up to 128GB of memory, and provides ample high-speed I/O interfaces and network connections, enhancing network stability and speed, and ensuring high-performance data transmission and storage capabilities.

Furthermore, Portwell demonstrated its DMS capabilities in the project, offering comprehensive services and technical support tailored to the client’s needs and budget expectations. This included local business communication, FAE technical support, consultancy during project phases and implementation, after-sales service, and troubleshooting analysis and resolution reports. The localized, immediate, and deep-rooted services accelerated communication with the client during development and testing, shortening turnaround times to meet client needs. Customized services also showcased Portwell’s superior product project research and testing capabilities, as well as optimized and updated manufacturing capabilities, enhancing the client’s recognition and trust in Portwell’s design, manufacturing, R&D, logistics, and after-sales services.

Results of Portwell’s Solutions and Services

During the implementation of the project, the Portwell WADE-8213-Q670E significantly enhanced the performance of the NAS servers used, ensuring stable operation and adapting to the site environment and energy conditions. Additionally, Portwell’s R&D technical team provided customized BIOS development services to meet the project requirements. Regarding supply capabilities, Portwell also ensured a stable supply period of at least eight to ten years, keeping the client updated with immediate updates on supply and materials conditions, fulfilling the client’s demands for timely delivery and quality stability.

In this project, Portwell successfully helped the client achieve their goals of upgrading network telecommunications equipment, realizing high efficiency, low power consumption, and flexible network management. Through a stable supply chain and high-quality after-sales service, Portwell enhanced the client’s competitiveness, ensuring the long-term operation and reliability of the equipment. This successful case also fully demonstrated Portwell’s strong capabilities and innovative technology in industrial embedded solutions and customized DMS services.


WADE-8213-Q670E | Mini-ITX Embedded Board

Intel® 12th/13th/14th Gen CoreTM Processors based Mini-ITX Board with DDR5 SO-DIMM up to 96GB, eDP/LVDS, 3x DP Ports, HDMI®, Dual GbE LAN, 5x COM Ports

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