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DPDK is a software development kit designed to handle high-performance packet processing situations with general CPUs. It includes user space libraries and drivers. By featuring dedicated hardware resources such as Portwell ANS series, the DPDK network application can improve overall performance, and packet processing complexity will also be significantly reduced.

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Offering optimized balance of computing performance, graphic processing, and power consumption, Portwell ROBO-8116G2AR, a PICMG 1.3 full-size Single Host Board (SHB) computer featuring 12th Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9 /Pentium/Celeron processor, uses powerful core computing to improve the inference performance of AI deep learning.

flexiWAN is the world’s first opensource SD-WAN and SASE solution that features an open architecture for 3rd party applications in a SaaS model with no limitations, allowing users to freely choose the hardware they want to meet the specifications they really need. Portwell network solution with flexiWAN is your ideal choice that helps IT remotely set up the required network configurations or troubleshoot instantly if there are issues or network requirements changes.

NANO-6063, a NANO-ITX embedded board based on Intel Atom x6000E processor series which was developed to enhance IoT applications depending on new levels of CPU and graphics performances with integrated IoT features, real-time performance (Intel TSN, TCC), manageability, security, and functional safety. It operates well with TDP under 12W with low-power consumption and is suitable for fan-less applications. In addition, its flat/low-profile design allows space-saving installation in display and compact workstation, and its flexibility of systematic expansions is suitable for industrial automation, medical equipment, etc.

PCOM-B657VGL, a COM Express Type 6 Basic Module with Intel 11th Generation Core™, Xeon, and Celeron Processor, integrates high performance Intel UHD graphics to provide up to 65% higher multi-thread computing performance and up to 70% faster graphic performance. It can also support 4 independent displays selecting from three DDI, one VGA, and one LVDS/eDP interface. PCOM-B657 VGL is your good choice for comprehensive application.

Nowadays, as manufacturers face several challenges, turning into a smart factory with industry 4.0 technology is a key path for them to survive and even grow up in the ever-changing age.

Portwell is going to share her idea and successful case of smart factory solution at MakerPro Online MeetUp Forum.

Portwell launches ANS-9A44F/42F, compact desktop network security appliances integrating Intel® QAT and DPDK, design ready for 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

ANS-9A44F/42F Press Release:

ANS-9A44F/42F Product Info:

PfSense, a free and open-source firewall eliminating the limitations of traditional firewalls, can be installed on hardware devices that suit the demands of users.
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The new ROBO-8115VG2AR featuring the latest 10th Generation Intel® Xeon® W/Core™ processor is aimed at customers who are seeking an embedded desktop system with high computing power, high speed and capacity of memory, and flexible expansion capabilities. It’s well suited for balanced or performance-demanding applications such as industrial automation, intelligent control, medical imaging, automated test, semiconductor, digital signage, security surveillance, broadcasting, transportation, and storage

Allowing different tasks to be performed in the same system, Portwell IWOS is the best solution helping your business operation with more efficiency, flexibility, productivity, security and reliability, giving you management convenience and unlimited possibilities. No matter in what industry, it’s the perfect partner to accelerate and stabilize your business growth and breakthroughs!

LYNX Series, palm-size power and innovation for integrated AIoT solutions based on Intel Celeron® N3350 and certified by Microsoft® Azure® IoT Edge Device. Link to your goal! Link to the world!

Portwell announces NANO-6063, the latest NANO-ITX embedded board powered by Intel Atom® x6000E Series processor (Codenamed Elkhart Lake). NANO-6063 is designed with 2.5GbE featuring Intel TSN/TCC real-time capability and -40°C to 85°C wide operating temperature for industrial automation, healthcare systems and outdoor gateway application.

Portwell releases WEBS–21G0, a small and compact fanless embedded system with 8th Generation Intel Core™ Processor. WEBS–21G0 is ideal for digital signage, medical equipment, IoT edge, communication and industrial automation and control applications.

Portwell announces PCOM-B645VGL, a new COM Express® Type 6 Compact Module that boosts existing system performance with the latest Intel Atom® x6000E Series Processor (Codenamed Elkhart Lake). PCOM-B645VGL features -40°C to 85°C wide operating temperature, real-time capability via 2.5 GbE port and BIOS configurable In-Band ECC (IBECC) memory.

Portwell announces PCOM-BA02GL, a New COM Express Type 10 Mini Module that Boosts Existing System Performance with the Latest Intel Atom x6000E Series Processor (Codenamed Elkhart Lake). PCOM-BA02VGL Features -40°C to 85°C Wide Operating Temperature, Real-Time Capability via 2.5 GbE Port and BIOS Configurable In-Band ECC (IBECC) Memory.

WADE-8212 Features Intel® 10th Generation Core Processors and Intel® Q470E Chipset Provides Enhanced CPU and Graphic Performance and Flexible I/O Expansion Capability

Press Releases :

Product Info : WADE-8212-Q470E

LEAD Series of Portwell is the best solution for Smart Retail.
Fulfilling various needs, improving customer satisfaction, and targeting consumer preferences to increase the sales rate, LEAD is your most flexible, competitive, and affordable choice for all kinds of business promotion and services!

Boosting the running performance and efficiency for security, authentication, compression, etc, Intel QAT provides the best solution accelerating compute-intensive operations and saving its inherent costs in networking, cloud, big data and storage application.

In the micro server, storage, networking, and Internet of Things(IoT), PCOM-B634VG is suitable for high network, data transfer loads & dense applications. By exceptional value, Portwell PCOM-B634VG COM Express module supplies data integrity, balance I/O, memory bandwidth, and Intel® QuickAssist Technology providing security and compression acceleration.

Industry 4.0 is a vision of the future, using new technologies to connect physical objects to the virtual world is already yielding new business models. Portwell solutions have been driving forward service business already.

Portwell Announce New Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) (Formerly Codenamed Moon Island)

Portwell Announces New High-Performance Products Series Based on the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (Formerly Codenamed Haswell)

Portwell PCOM-B218VG series are designed with Intel® N2600 / N2800 / D2550+NM10 with less than 13W low power consumption and cost effective dual core solutions. This product features a fan-less system capable of withstanding temperatures of -40 to 80 degree Celsius making it suitable for military and aerospace communication in the environments in which they operate.

In the micro server, storage, networking, and Internet of Things(IoT), PCOM-B634VG is suitable for high network, data transfer loads & dense applications. By exceptional…

In the micro server, storage, networking, and Internet of Things(IoT), PCOM-B634VG is suitable for high network, data transfer loads & dense applications. By exceptional…

Portwell’s company video will give you a brief introduction with our mission, strengths, services and commitment to delivering outstanding quality. 

Slim, Smart, Cool was the motto of the Portwell stand at Embedded World. In Nuremberg Portwell not only announced the promotion by Intel from Associate Member to Premier Member in the Intel Embedded Alliance, but also had on show its latest Intel-powered Embedded Computers for demanding industrial applications, IP65, 69K Intel & ARM based Panel PC and its newest Computer-on-Modules.

A trusted partner in intelligent systems for the embedded world. In a world where billions of intelligent devices will soon make more than a trillion connections. Intelligent systems are becoming critically important in nearly every aspect of our lives.

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