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  • Comply with Embedded Compact Extended (ECX) form factor Board
  • Simplicity of Embedded platform with Fan Less technology
  • Low power consumption and none noise/vibration for special environment
  • Built VGA/LAN/USB/COM ports
  • Rugged and Tool Free assembled design for easily maintenance


CPU Support various kind of ECX board (Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® 1GHz processor)
System Memory Depends on the what kind of ECX inside (Up to 1GB DDRII 400/533 one SDDIMM socket)
Display On board graphic capability form ECX ESB (Intel 915 GM integrate GMA 900 controller)
Audio Reversed audio interface for system use (depends on expansion daughter board)
Ethernet Single 10/100 Mbps support
System indicators Power/Storage/LAN
Storage Compact Flash Card
Expansion PB-M1A dedicates Mini-PCI, Audio, USB x2 by PMIO (Portwell Modules I/O) interface
COM port 1x RS232
LAN port 1x RJ45
VGA port 1x DB15
Audio port Line-in/Line-out/MIC
USB port 4x USB
Mouse & KB 1x PS/2 mini DIN
Dimension 190 x 170 x 50 mm
Weight 2~2.5 Kg

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Ordering Guide
Standard ARTO-1070-AAdvance
ECX based Fan-Less Chassis for embedded application
Advance ECX based Chassis with one 4cm system fan for embedded application


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  Catalog   ARTO-1070 | Catalog Ver. 27A   January 16, 2007


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