Intel QAT

The ANS series adopts the security-based Intel platform, Denverton CPU. With its built-in Intel® QAT (Quick Assist Technology) as well as Intel’s free API and driver packages, it provides all developers a software-enabled foundation for their security, authentication, and compression. Most significantly, it optimizes the solution’s computing performance and efficiency upon the standard platform. With Intel QAT, that also includes symmetric encryption and authentication, asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, RSA, DH, ECC, and lossless data compression.

Data Plane
Development Kit

DPDK can drastically improve the efficiency of data packet processing and network traffic, which provides Data-tier Applications (DAC) more sufficient time to deal with information. Meanwhile, the hardware capacity can be utilized and allocated in a more agile and desirable way if DPDK goes with Open SSL or Hardware Engine during the development process. In addition to the source code from Intel, we also offer our users the DPDK installation guidance to better their learning curves and even assist them to build a user-friendly DPDK environment. 

Open vSwitch

Open vSwitch(OVS) is adopted to better configure, manage, and maintain the network. Meanwhile, OVS also supports the connection of OpenFlow and SDN controller, which allows users to flexibly deploy virtual machines and optimize the development of SDN and NFV. What’s more, with our Open vSwitch installation guidance and RESTful API package, you can build your own Web remote control networking with multiple ANS devices in a more efficient manner.


With our API guidance and sample code, users can control each PoE port and respectively monitor the status via our API such as voltage, current, power, etc. Plus, warning signals can also be sent under particular defined occasions to prevent any emergency. 

ANS Network

In ANS series products, you can use our web tool assistant AnnA, ANS Network Associate, to manage your system. AnnA is a user friendly Web tool with novel-designed interface, and she can help you manage and deploy all ANS machines through easily maintain user interface. Through AnnA software, you can conduct setting for PoE or software switch, meanwhile, she can help you monitor latest status and check the health of machine by real-time updating and also provide complete log report. AnnA, as a good associate for IT staff aim to make you an easier way to manage and handle all conditions!

AnnA | ANS-software



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