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Portwell, Inc. was founded in Taiwan in 1993 and entered the Industrial PC market in 1995 by developing single-board computers. Today, as an industrial embedded systems manufacturer and solutions provider, our continued development of leading-edge products has resulted in solid growth in market share. In 2017, Portwell Inc. was acquired by Posiflex Technology, Inc., a global leader in POS solution design and manufacturing. This has established Portwell as a major worldwide supplier of specialty computing application platforms. Portwell, Inc. is a Titanium member of the Intel® Partner Alliance and an executive member of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG).

In November 2005, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs honored Portwell for its Clean Production Project and commitment to environmental conservation. Portwell’s award-winning facilities and sophisticated engineering resources have attracted many top-tier companies to its expanding client portfolio.

Portwell, Inc. has worldwide offices in Taiwan, the U.S.A., Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and India. Whether you are working on a computer board or turnkey system, Portwell is the perfect partner to help you deliver your products to the market on time and maintain product longevity. With 28+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing specialty computer boards and systems, Portwell provides a one-stop resource for off-the-shelf products and supplies custom-built solutions and global logistics services to suit your needs.

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Portwell Spirit

A Wonderful Thing, A Joyful Life

Portwell’s foundation’s purpose was not to achieve personal wealth but to propagate the “wonderful things” we have in life. We believe these beautiful things benefit a joyful life. Thus, we sincerely hope to leave some traces in the history of human technological development.

Regarding the future, we heartily expect to meet people with the same ambitions as we devote ourselves to producing these “wonderful things” now. We also insist on contributing to our society.

Portwell follows the idea of benefiting others as well as ourselves and letting everyone try to perfect the spirit in people’s lives. Portwell’s goal is to bring beautiful things and joyful life to humans.

Why Portwell?

Always Around You

Portwell, Inc. does not intend to be a dominant giant in the computing and communication field but rather share with the world its solid technology and corresponding business benefits. As we believe that technology and brainpower are boundary-less, regardless of race, geography, and society, it is a means to bring the world a better and easier future. Portwell emphasizes its advantages in marketing and allies with local partners to promote Portwell products with local services. We firmly believe local people who do local business are the best for customers.

Fastidious Commitment to Quality

We are proud to have the best people who understand what quality means to the customer. Portwell’s manufacturing has an ISO9001-certified quality management system that forms a fundamental part of operations to deliver our high-end platforms, techniques, and devices. Our quality assurance is deployed through product design and manufacturing capability. The testing assurance responds to a customer’s needs and coordinates solutions for instant managing a customer’s issues. With Portwell, our customers can always assure that they get the finest products the market can offer.

What R&D could mean is "Rapid & Devotion."

Portwell, Inc. is devoted to providing the resources to rapidly answer market needs and carry on the innovation for our customer’s demands. A primary reason for our success is the passion and vigor of highly qualified engineers, who continuously research ways to overcome technical barriers so that They will not impede the company’s future manufacture and product plans. Moreover, we are more competent in delivering immediate time-to-market products and services to our customers.

Collaborative Partnership

Untiring dedication to addressing the need of our strategic partners has allowed Portwell to evolve the Collaboration model, a cycle of Concept, Design, Production, Logistic, and Marketing, to help them gain a competitive edge within the intensely competing high-tech industry.

Working in a close relationship with our customers, Portwell’s strong management team is in place to execute this strategic concept. Right from the concept stage, we’re trying to achieve the consensus of both sides. The ultimate collaboration and the subsequent success come only after sharing the same concept.

Through Design collaboration, customers can have their product concepts implemented via our engineering resources. Utilizing Portwell’s comprehensive expertise in a wide variety of computer technologies, you’re aligned with a value-added integrator to accelerate the time-to-market of dedicated solutions.

When it comes to the Production facet, Portwell embodies not only impressive R&D capability but also satisfying manufacturing capacity. Leveraging our ISO-certified co-source production and integration services, you embrace the KSF (critical success factor) to get experienced and well-trained laborers to meet your ends on time and as expected.

Concerning Logistics and Marketing collaboration, Portwell’s worldwide branch offices are served as extended workbenches, as they connect with headquarters to manage overseas support in inventory control, speedy delivery, and product marketing. They are ready to act as your subsidiaries to provide you with the dedication and resourcefulness you can expect from Portwell.

Through this collaboration model, our partners could share all our resources to secure new revenue streams quickly. Collaborating on a project-by-project basis, this model allows them to grow without expansion of their operation but enjoys significantly improved time-to-market solutions. With the circulation of this successful model, Portwell would also be further enhanced to supply system integrators with ideal choices on a global scale.

At Portwell, we believe in a world where collaboration makes up the circle of success. Therefore, if you share the same vision, Portwell, Inc. helps make it real.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Portwell, Inc. is an industrial PC company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We apply creative ideas, the latest technologies, and solid engineering experience to problem-solving. We listen, think, and then respond quickly to customers’ needs. Then we roll up our sleeves and design the schematic, make the drawing, test it, and then end up with products that give our customers the most satisfactory solutions.

Portwell, Inc. maintains a “flexible business” model in pursuit of a commitment to continuously improve our products and services to satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs. Whether you’re working on a computer board or turnkey system, Portwell is the perfect partner to help you deliver your products to market on time and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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