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Portwell Industrial Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions for the Industrial sector: Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Industrial automation is a crucial aspect of modern manufacturing and production processes. It not only increases efficiency and productivity but also improves quality and safety. This article will discuss the various automation solutions offered by Portwell, a leading provider of industrial computing solutions.

Industrial PCs and Panel PCs

Industrial PCs (IPCs) and Panel PCs are rugged, industrial-grade computers designed for use in harsh environments. As a result, Portwell offers a range of IPCs and Panel PCs, including fanless models, all-in-one designs, and systems with built-in I/O and communication modules.

Industrial Networking and Communication

Effective industrial networking and communication are essential for automation systems. As a result, Portwell offers a range of networking and communication products, including industrial Ethernet switches, serial communication devices, and wireless communication devices.

Customized Automation Solutions

In addition to the standard automation solutions mentioned above, Portwell offers customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our team of experts can work with you to design and develop a system tailored to your particular requirements.

In conclusion, Portwell is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our solutions are designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety while improving the overall quality of your industrial processes. With our expertise and experience in the automation field, we are confident that we can provide the best solution for your specific needs.


Achieve the efficiency you need to stay ahead of the competition with Portwell's industrial automation solutions.

Portwell drives the innovation behind factory automation, from robotization of labor, IIoT control, and communication to AOI machine vision imaging analysis that reduces production loss and increases overall efficiency. With the evolution of time and relentless pursuit, we are finally closer to reaching Industrial 4.0 than at any time in history. As our lifestyle becomes increasingly intelligent, the way people manufacture should also keep pace. Brilliant data communication has become an indispensable core in creating an automated factory. The ability to interconnect machine to machine (M2M) and to harness all data into a single HMI management console in real time is today’s challenge in cloud-based management control systems. The critical decisions must be computed on the spot, and the extracted metadata is transferred back to the cloud for feedback into the system for productivity optimization. This mode of operation is the best example of Portwell’s Edge Computing.



Intelligent communication is the backbone of factory automation which drives innovation in Industry 4.0.

Computing Power

Computing Power

The collaboration between machines, systems, and personnel requires significant computing power especially in the edge computing architecture.

System Integration

System Integration

Factory is full of machinery, control systems and personnel. To enable seamless factory floor collaboration, the ability to integrate and customize becomes critical.

Why Choose Portwell

Global leader in industrial PC market

Global leader in industrial PC market

As a global leader in embedded computing technologies, Portwell is committed to enhancing product longevity and providing silicon valley engineering support. Portwell strives to help OEMs and system integrators to enable scalable and viable industrial automation solutions.

Longtime member of Intel® IoT solutions alliance

Longtime member of Intel® IoT solutions alliance

As an Associate and longtime member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, Portwell is committed to incorporating the latest technologies when designing its industrial automation products and solutions.

Extensive product portfolio

Extensive product portfolio

Portwell provides a wide range of product portfolios, including embedded modules, single board computers (SBC), industrial systems, rackmount computers, human-machine interface (HMI), and network security appliances.


Portwell COM Express Type 6 Module Featuring 13th Gen Intel Core™ Processors: PCOM-B658VGL

Portwell PEAI-9910: embedded system with 13® Gen Intel Core™ processor for workplace safety control equipment and industrial edge AI solutions. PEAI-9910 combines advanced computer vision technologies to deliver AI-enabled access control and workplace safety monitoring solutions. PEAI-9910 provides enhanced machine vision capabilities utilizing AI to accurately and invariably verify and determine whether employees in designated work areas are wearing the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), cleanroom suits, or other essential safety gear. The PEAI-9910 system can efficiently detect and identify various indicators to facilitate frictionless access control, which include, but are not limited to, body temperature measurements, facial recognition (even faces partially concealed by, for example, hard hats and/or glasses), and one or multiple required safety gear worn by each employee. Our customers, and future customers alike, with additional AI image recognition and analytics requirements can upgrade their platform’s capabilities by incorporating an AI module or a high-end graphics card, tailored to their specific needs.

Industrial Automation Solutions Successful Stories

Smart Logistics Solutions

With Portwell's Smart Logistics solution, you can automate your entire logistics process and reduce workforce costs by up to 50%. 

Collaborative Robot Solutions

Portwell WEBS-2190 robot system controller offers versatile motion control and enables robots to work in various environments, including mold handling, polishing, dispensing machine tending, and more.


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