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The Portwell Group has been deeply dedicated to gaming and lottery markets for more than a decade, providing complete solutions for the gaming industry. With several years of market experience and familiarity with customers’ requirements, PW Group established Ganlot in 2014 to commit to the gaming market. As an AGEM member, PW not only provides Gaming Logic boxes comply with the regulations but also integrated with industry chain partners such as payment peripherals and cabinet to form a strategic alliance to provide one-stop shopping services to meet the needs of our customers.



GLI Compliance

Hardware to firmware is designed to follow gaming regulations and certifications.

SAS 6.02 Compliance

SAS 6.02 Compliance

SAS HW engine, basic information of EGM to host by SAS Protocol.


Battery backup SRAM and triple Redundancy.

Gaming API

Gaming API

GXG comprehensive API libraries to speed up application development.

Regulation and Market

As a gaming solution provider, we learned that all gaming devices are fair, safe, and able to be properly audited and operated. To this end, we design the products and follow the rules that affect the game, as well as comply with game regulations, such as GLI.

In addition, we are also familiar with market trends and understand the jurisdictions and regulations in various countries, design and solve customer issues in response to customer needs.

Embedded Gaming Solution

With the development of gaming, the demand for gaming machines has increased and the performance requirements have grown higher and higher. We provide latest gaming solutions, using Intel and AMD processors with rich I/O interfaces and also provide customers with excellent standardized/customized products and services to meet customers’ various applications (Slot machines, Arcade games, Roulette, Amusement with price AWP, Player tracking systems, etc.).

Software Support

We provide software packages to help customers accelerate development including drivers, application programming interface (API), demo program, and sample code.
In addition, we have the ability to build specific firmware based on different functional IC.
Our goal is to help customers focus on game development and gather all the peripheral functions provided by friendly software.

The All in One

Complex vendor management (Consult, Design, Manufacture, Integrate, and logistics) is always a headache for customers. Ganlot’s versatility can cover most of the customer’s needs and the most important of all to minimize vendor lists with which customer need to deal with. Ganlot’s professional team can help customers on the project control, using the most efficient resource and cost to reach the target and the time-to-market.

For further information, please visit Portwell subsidiary:


Player Tracking System

PTS—Player tracking system, can assist casino operators to communicate with players and analyze player habits, provide not only operators with player behavior patterns but also store, process, and show information to players lead to better user experience...[Read more]

Italian AWP Box

Consumers’ enthusiasm for gaming has made governments around the world look forward to the market opportunities and rich taxation behind this gaming industry. For example, after the legalized operation of the AWP gaming machine, the Italian government has brought a different look to the licensed gaming industry. AWP is a standard under...[Read more]

Casino Logic Box

In the entertainment industry such as gaming, there are many casinos around the world, various new games are constantly being unveiled to catch the players’ attention. Therefore, an attractive visual experience is needed provided that the hardware requires a relatively high graphic performance. Because gambling involves cash flow so the data...[Read more]

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