A Leading Industrial Embedded Systems Manufacturer and Solutions Provider

Portwell, Inc. is an industrial embedded systems manufacturer and solutions provider founded in Taiwan in 1993. The company initially focused on developing single-board computers and has since expanded its product line to become a leading supplier of specialty computing application platforms. Portwell provides products and services, including single-board computers, embedded system boards and modules, industrial motherboards, embedded systems and IoT gateways, and customized solutions. The company is committed to environmental conservation and has received recognition and awards for its Clean Production Project. Portwell has offices worldwide, including in Taiwan, the USA, Japan, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, and India.

Portwell offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of its customers. Some of the key features of these products include:

High performance and reliability

Flexibility and scalability

Easy integration and customization

Robustness and durability

If you’re looking for an industrial/embedded computer manufacturer, you can rely on us as your industrial/embedded computer systems provider and service center. 


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