An Industrial Embedded Systems Manufacturer and Solutions Provider

Portwell, Inc. is a manufacturer of Industrial Embedded Systems that provides organizations with an extensive selection of Industrial Computer Products, including embedded computing, computer on module, network communication appliances, single-board computers, user interfaces, rackmount computers, chassis, and more.
Though we have an extensive collection of existing products to suit your need, we can also fabricate custom industrial computer systems based on the needs of your business. Suppose you need industrial embedded computing solutions to automate factory lines, empower medical equipment with more computing power, or make a turn-key network security appliance. In that case, we can provide you with the computer solution your business needs to stay competitive and secure.
If you’re looking for an industrial/embedded PC manufacturer, you can rely on us as your industrial/embedded computer systems provider and service center. 

Press Releases

Compact System with Intel Atom® C3000 Series to Building Your Network Infrastructure

Nowadays, SD-WAN, software-defined wide area network, is a service where we apply SDN technology to a wide area network. It is used to connect a wide range of corporate networks, data centers, internet applications and Cloud services, which aim to help reduce WAN’s operation cost and improve connection flexibility. Nowadays, with the significant network transformation, more and more applications will depend on the Cloud to process data. It also brings the escalating demands for network security as these data on the Cloud may contain end users’ personal ID, credit card

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ROBO-8116G2AR SBC the Smarter Path to Industry 4.0

After the start of smart manufacturing, automated production and delivery of products have undergone a radical change. With artificial intelligence (AI), it has brought major breakthroughs in many use cases. As the scope of AI applications in smart manufacturing continues to expand, the demand for AI industrial servers is also increasing. Therefore, an off-the shelf solution meeting these various demands is the way to accelerate the realization of smart manufacturing.

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