AnnA, a Good Associate for IT Staff

Published : 16 October 2020

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – October 16, 2020 – As 5G era is right around the corner, Portwell is proud to present you our latest ANS series, a brand-new solution for 5G wireless applications, SD-WAN, edge computing and AIoT in NetCom industry. To help achieve time-to-the-market, we provide software value-added services to shorten the development time at our customers’ side. One of them is AnnA, a human-like name with the abbreviation from ANS Network Associate, and its main function is to assist users in managing network devices. Name-wise, it also resembles the sound of An La in Mandarin, which means things are in good hands, just like a reliable and trustworthy partner.

AnnA is a user-friendly Web tool with an intuitive and novel-designed interface. She helps centralize and manage all ANS devices at a time via a random computer with internet. With the system equipped with Open vSwitch (OVS), RESTful API, and PoE API software support, users can manage and deploy ANS device remotely. Not only will it help save substantial configuration time but reduce the maintenance efforts in a significant manner.

When ANS works as a switch, AnnA enables the system administrator to turn on and off each port of the device in the field, set the network speed (10Mbit/100Mbit/1000Mbit), and switch the work mode (half/full-duplex). Meanwhile, the connection status of each port on every ANS machine can be monitored on the same platform, which allows users to handle contingencies in time and have everything under control.

In the meantime, AnnA also can help in edge computing scenario. When ANS device is connected to many other PoE devices, AnnA helps monitor each PoE ports on the voltage, current, and wattage. On top of that, when an error occurs, a warning will be issued to your system administrator while the error message be recorded in a log page. With these valuable data, the workflow can be optimized by a thorough technical analysis and eventually lessen the maintenance effort, along with overall cost, in the long run.

When you have ANS, you can also have such a convenient tool without any surcharge. In fact, we are committed to solving the problem our customers encounter, and provide them technical supports no matter it is about software or hardware. —-Neil said.

More information about Portwell Software support of ANS series can be found here:

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