AnnA Is Upgraded Again! Five Functions Have Been Added to

AnnA, a Good Associate for IT Staff

Published : 22 December 2020

This time, AnnA is upgraded with five more features. In order to equip users with higher flexibility to control ANS device, these new functions will surely share the burden of each administrator. Without further ado, let’s see how each function can benefit us respectively.

  • ANS will no longer be restricted by the actual geographic location. You can group the ports based on the functions, departments, or applications you need so that the communication with one another will be much smoother just like in the same network segment. With VLAN, the overall cost reduction and security improvement can be achieved with ease.
  • Through group broadcast in AnnA, data packets can be directly forwarded to whoever in need and reduce the bandwidth occupation.
  • AnnA provides the most economical way to increase the capacity of data transmission. A larger bandwidth can be obtained without any upgrade in your existing equipment and a balanced load and mutual backup can be achieved at the same time.
  • Also, AnnA allows administrators to logically plan and allocate network resources according to the various applications, which drastically help solve the problems like transmission delay and network congestion in the end.
  • When we deal with complex Ethernet networks and backup demands, there is a high chance that loops under network topology will occur. But through AnnA, we help build a loop-free logical topology and prevent bridge loops as well as the broadcast radiation that results from them.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, System Check is another handy function we build this time. The hardware status of all connected ANS devices can be supervised through this page, such as temperature, voltage, fan speed, etc. If an error occurs, there will be a warning in red to remind the administrator for further trouble shooting.

Last but not least, AnnA 2.0 allows users to decide the function of each LAN port. That is, each port can be set as a regular LAN port or a switch one. Not only does it increase the flexibility of your own desired configuration but also the possibility of various applications in network spectrum!

More information about Portwell Software support for ANS series can be found here:


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