Portwell Releases Series Of Extremely Flexible Wireless Sensor Node For IoT Applications: Ds-1/ds-1b

Portwell, Inc., a world-leading technology innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing markets, empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) with intelligent gateways and edge devices, announces a series of wireless sensor nodes, DS-1 and DS-1B, supporting Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a wide variety of options for sensors and wireless connectivity.

System Characteristics of DS-1/DS-1B Wireless Sensor Nodes

    • Supports ZigBee, LoRa and Wi-Fi for connecting the IoT gateway
    • Supports sensors with different voltages at the same time
    • Transfers sensors data with digital, analog, I2C and more
    • Integrates lithium battery and solar charging, making DS-1B free from space and/or environment limitations
    • Supports popular Arduino development environment
    • Sleep mode and extreme power saving feature

Application Characteristics of DS-1/DS-1B Wireless Sensor Nodes
Integrating numerous sensors with the electronic and mechanical characteristics, dramatically decreasing circuit and mechanical complexity, the DS-1 series is able to connect numerous sensors under limited space condition. This highly flexible sensor node solution makes construction easier, faster and simpler. In addition, it can be applied in almost any IoT application imaginable, for instance:

    1. Smart Home
      Adopting the Wi-Fi communication module and integrating sensors of smoke, CO (carbon monoxide), gas, temperature, humidity and PIR (passive infrared) motion, the DS-1 sensor node series enables an intelligent system to rapidly understand the home environment and provide a more comfortable and safer living experience.
    2. Intelligent Agriculture
      With LoRa long range, low power wireless technology and sensors of soil humidity, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and UV, the DS-1 sensor node series enables an intelligent system to collect useful and valuable data to empower smart farming, such as analyzing the best cultivation plan for the highest yields.
    3. Intelligent Factory
      Adopting the Wi-Fi or ZigBee communication module and integrating sensors of flame, combustible gas, alcohol, harmful gas and vibration, the DS-1 sensor node series helps place factory operation under smart control by providing an intelligent system that detects if any of these factors might be at a level that risks interrupting the factory’s operation.
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