Posiflex Launches North American Corporate Office

Three industry front-runners, American Portwell Technology, KIOSK Information Systems, and Posiflex Business Machines, merge products and services across category lines.

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NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, May 10, 2018: Taiwanese Global Point-of-Sale Terminal Brand Leader, Posiflex Technology, Inc., announced today the launch of a North American Corporate Office (NACO), implemented to drive strategic solution synergy and enrich product and service offerings in the market. Having acquired North America’s top kiosk solution provider, KIOSK Information Systems in late 2016, and more recently Embedded Computing Leader Portwell in 2017, Posiflex has now established a unique and powerful industry position with strongholds in point of sale, self-service, embedded/industrial computing platform, and field and managed services. CEO Owen Chen states, “The vision in this very specific acquisition strategy was to bring three best-in-class companies together to provide the most complete and sophisticated computing solutions from on-line to off-line (O2O) applications in this high-growth Service IoT era. The NACO Leadership Team is now in place and will be very actively guiding the cross-implementation of our collective development, product, and service assets to provide the market with an enhanced product-family portfolio, paired with industry-leading deployment support.”

Allen Lee, CEO of American Portwell Technology, has been appointed Managing Director of the North American Corporate Office. Being instrumental to the impressive growth of American Portwell for over 20 years, Mr. Lee adds, “With NACO established, I’m confident Portwell’s state-of-the-art computing platforms will become an integral element of converged solutions that will truly benefit our customers and partners. The NACO platform will infuse longevity, reliability, and serviceability while empowering the convergence of online and offline commerce in mainstream applications such as smart retail and hospitality, IoT, healthcare, and cloud services, thus enabling new synergies across manufacturers, field operators, and end customers.”

NACO has named Tom Weaver as Chief Strategy Officer to lead the Solutions and Sales implementation for the organization. Tom was the CEO of KIOSK Information Systems for over five years, and is a 15-year career veteran in the Self-Service Industry. He will be leading in-depth value cross-selling efforts for each company’s products and services across the entire customer base. Mr. Weaver states, “This effort will accelerate the introduction of very logical, high-value product and service extensions from all three companies. Ultimately, it enables us to meet literally every product and service requirement necessary for a successful self-service, POS, or embedded computing platform deployment; and that’s exactly the value proposition our Sales Teams will be presenting to our valued clients and channel partners.” Among others, Doyle Ledford, VP of Posiflex Business Machines, has been named Regional Channel Director of NACO. His extensive knowledge and success building channel sales and partners will be integral part of NACO’s overall growth strategy.

The product and service technology offerings built out by NACO will be a continually evolving effort. First in line will be a focused product initiative in the fast-growing Digital Signage and HMI/Panel PC market segments. The three companies each hold respected market leadership positions in key vertical markets including hospitality, retail, government, fintech, industrial automation, medical/healthcare, and network/communication. NACO is in place to facilitate the widest and highest value customer solution offerings within these verticals, while simultaneously penetrating new strategic growth segments.

About Posiflex:
Founded in 1984, Posiflex Technology, Inc. has designed and manufactured its own-branded and world-class POS solutions. Recognized as a pioneer and leader in the POS industry, Posiflex has been awarded more than 30 patents for innovative design. Since 2016, Posiflex has determined to grow beyond POS business and further expand itself into self-service solutions (KIOSK), and to a few more vertical markets serving B2B IoT platform empowered by embedded PC. The company’s products are manufactured in ISO 9001/9002/14001 facilities in Taiwan and sold worldwide through retail, hospitality, banking, healthcare, kiosks and many other vertical markets. Core products include POS Terminals & peripherals, kiosk hardware (self-service system), kiosk remote monitoring software & platform, kiosk maintenance & deployment services, digital signage, panel PC, AIO (All-in-one) PC, embedded PC, single board PC and systems. Posiflex’s offices are in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Dubai along with the global distribution networks to provide direct and timely support to its customers around the world. For more information: www.posiflex.com

Press Contact:
North America Corporate Office: Cheryl Madeson, 303-661-1648, cmadeson@kiosk.com
Global Corporate Office: George Chen, georgegco@posiflex.com.tw

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