The Portwell CMVL-1U12B Software-defined Distributed Storage Platform Wins Best Of Show Award In The Cloud Platform Category at Interop® Tokyo 2017

Portwell, Inc. a world-leading technology innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing markets, empowering cloud and data center solutions with innovative network computing platforms, is proud to announce that its CMVL-1U12B Micro Server won a “Best of Show Award” in the “Cloud Platform” category, honored as runner-up, at the Interop® Tokyo 2017 held from June 7th to June 9th, 2017 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. This award recognizes not only Portwell′s leading position in the data storage market but also its first innovative and cutting-edge cloud storage solution for a great variety of cloud and network computing applications.

Developed as a micro server platform for software-defined storage applications, the Portwell CMVL-1U12B, in a 1U rackmount enclosure, is the first innovative heterogeneous architecture platform equipped with 12 nodes of 64bit ARM® processor based micro server, and is configured with an optional integration of Portwell′s Intel® Xeon® Processor D (codenamed Broadwell-DE) based COM Express® Type 6 Module. Moreover, the CMVL-1U12B is built with unified virtual storage manager, a web-based network storage management application providing unlimited scale-out, flexible and sustainable solution for enterprise network and data center usage. Specifically, its distributed scale-out architecture makes it an ideal hardware platform for software-defined storage applications, such as Ceph and Gluster storage systems. It aggregates computing node, network bandwidth and storage management without the limitation of its hyperscale.

In addition, designed with low-power consumption and no single-point-of-failure, Portwell′s CMVL-1U12B is enabled with a big advantage when compared and competing with traditional motherboard/mainboard based server platform deployed as a software-defined storage system solution. Furthermore, while developed as a ARM®-based micro server platform, CMVL-1U12B is also offered to integrate Intel® serve- grade CPU based COM Express® Module as an option to embrace the design flexibility in today′s ever-evolving cloud and network computing applications. Last but not least, the Portwell CMVL-1U12B offers out-of-band management ports for switch board and BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) module for easy local and remote configuration and manageability.

According to the Interop® Tokyo 2017 Best of Show Award judge panel, Portwell′s CMVL-1U12B software-defined distributed storage platform intelligently integrates 12 nodes of ARM®-based micro servers as well as redundant network switch design into a space-saving 1U rackmount system. It is indeed a well designed and developed platform for high-density storage solution for distributed storage applications. The Portwell CMVL-1U12B demonstrates several outstanding design considerations, including redundant switch designed to prevent single point of failure, dedicated 2.5 GbE bandwidth for each HDD to help keep storage traffic from becoming a bottleneck, optional x86-based COM Express® Module creating flexibility for system design and integration into extended applications, and is offered with a great price/performance value.

There were about 500 exhibitors at the Interop® Tokyo 2017 introducing their products, solutions and services. From those products, solutions and services, judges who are expert of IT select winners for grand prizes and special awards. Product, solution or service selected as a finalist and/or honored with the Best of Show Award represents IT trend of the year. For the full list of the Interop® Tokyo 2017 Best of Award winners.

The judge panel:

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