Portwell Cooperate with Innodisk within Advance Technology to Offer Embedded System Solutions

Portwell WEBS-21I0 Featuring Innodisk InnoAgent and OOB Management Function Brings Mutual Benefit in Multiple Applications

News Image WEBS-21I0

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Portwell, Inc., a global company that design and manufacture embedded computing solution, Titanium Partner of Intel® Partner Alliance, is pleased to announce the launch of products series to cooperate with Innodisk within its advance technology to offer embedded system solutions.

Portwell’s embedded systems are designed for industrial applications such as healthcare, automation, and networking along with requirement of fan-less, wide temperature/Power range to operate in mission critical environment which requires industrial-grade components to ensure the system is capable of withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration, among other environmental factors.

To achieve these requirements, the integration of components in an embedded system is crucial to ensure that the system function operates optimally and reliably. Portwell has chosen to integrate Innodisk product series into products for a variety of reasons. Innodisk provides cutting-edge solutions for AIoT, embedded flash storage, and DRAM modules, essential for driving innovation in multiple industries. With the development of AIoT, there is a growing need to manage and monitor systems located in various locations while still capable of withstanding challenging environmental conditions. Innodisk has developed a broad range of reliable solutions that cater to the unique needs of modern AIoT and embedded systems:

  1. Industrial-grade Flash Storage and DRAM modules: Highly reliable and stable, providing customized firmware technologies and longer life cycles for embedded and industrial systems.
  2. Embedded Peripherals: Innodisk’s embedded devices also offer a variety of built-in peripheral functions, such as digital input/output (DIO) modules, display controllers, intelligent power management, chip-level encryption, and more.
  3. Cloud Management Software: Innodisk’s cloud management software, iCAP, allows monitoring, management, and maintenance through the internet, with features such as remote data transmission, automatic backup, and network security encryption.
  4. Firmware-level In-band and OOB (Out-of-band) Solutions: Provide a secondary management network that allows for remote access to charging stations in case of primary network failure. From InnoAGE and InnoOSR SSD to InnoAgent module, that can ensure 24/7 operation and minimizes through self-developed firmware technology or iCAP.


The collaboration between Portwell and Innodisk will bring mutual benefit and creates value-added to Portwell’s embedded system, for instance, WEBS-21I0 is using nano ITX mainboard and powering by Intel Elkhart Lake, with integration of Innoagent enables customer to achieve remote management and monitoring capability via OOB management technology which is ideally for unmanned store where the areas without maintenance personnel. The OOB function is not only provides remote monitoring but also allows the system to be remote restarted and power on/ off whenever the system malfunction occurred, even if the device’s regular network connection is completely unavailable the device remains accessible through InnoAgent’s separate communications channel to achieve immediate system recovery and save response time. For next step, Portwell will create UI interface to display the status of embedded system such as CPU loading, storage health, and location so that customers can use it more conveniently.

In the future, Portwell will introduce more Embedded Peripherals into Portwell ’s embedded system to provide additional add-on value.

Portwell and Innodisk specialize in embedded computing solutions, we will keep collaborating to offer advanced and reliable products to fulfill customers need.

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