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Consulting Service

Consulting Service - SOBI (Service out, Business in)

Portwell provides a full range of industrial computer industry solution consulting services and has established long-term, stable, cooperative customer relationships.

  • Real Time Service – Provide customers with real-time consulting services through website, email, phone, instant messaging, etc.
  • On-site Support – Cooperate with customers to develop, verify, and solve problems with professional, considerate, and local technical support.
  • Global Support Builds Global Portwell – Integrated with global branches to provide year-round Real-time & On-site services.

Product Service - RAC( Refining, Affordable, Creative)

Portwell team hopes to provide industrial computer products with RAC and put customers first.

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Grasp the latest industrial computer industry trends and seize your needs first.
  • Complete solutions: Whether it is industrial computer boards to systems, hardware to application software, or X86 to RISC embedded industrial computer products, we have different platform specifications for you to choose from.
  • Product certification: All products developed by Portwell have passed various industrial computer product certifications.
Product Service

Industrial Computer Integration Platform Services

Portwell is a Gold Tier Partner of the Intel® Partner Alliance, an Intel® Applied Computing Platform Provider (IACPP), and an Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture ( ATCA) and PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturing Group (PICMG). From modular computer components to industrial computer application platform systems, we provide complete and flexible embedded industrial computer system platform development, network communication applications, and industrial computer OEM and ODM application solutions.

Network Communication Application Platform Services

Combine software with various network communication application (Networking) hardware functions, including Software-defined infrastructure (Software-defined infrastructure), Software-defined networking (Software-defined network), and Software-defined storage (Software-defined storage system). This is the current global network communication application trend, and it is also a necessary research and development direction for cloud services. We provide cross-platform solutions for network communication applications to meet the needs of every customer.

Medical Technology Application Platform Services

With more than 15 years of experience in vertical integration, Portwell has cooperated with many major medical equipment manufacturers. Successful cases include platform applications such as ultrasound scanners, computed tomography scans, research and development through hospitals, universities, and medical digital image transmission—strategic cooperation of engineering personnel to provide leadership and forward-looking services.

Industrial Automation Application Platform Services

Portwell provides complete industrial automation solutions, including industrial automation embedded system platforms, industrial automation service software, and customized services. It also offers innovative WRP (Workable, Rent, Purchase) business models to meet the needs of the automation industry. Digital transformation needs.

Design Service - CISO(Concept In Solution Out)

Portwell relies on its rich experience in vertical integration of industrial computers and is committed to providing customers with complete and continuous services.

  • Design stage: Combining electronics, layout, SI, mechanism, system, software, and other R&D teams to provide advanced and professional design energy.
  • Verification stage: Through signal measurement, functional verification, compatibility, reliability, EMC, stress, and other tests, the product’s stability and reliability are ensured, and product quality is improved.

Therefore, Portwell promotes the implementation of the CISO mechanism. After understanding the concepts and needs of customers, it quickly and accurately proposes solutions and applicable products.


Manufacturing Service - COS (Customer Oriented Service)

In addition to standard production services for industrial computers, Portwell R&D Center also provides commissioned manufacturing services to meet OSS (One Stop Shopping) services.

  • Improve management: adopt ERP&MES system to control the sources of raw materials and production risks effectively.
  • Capacity flexibility: Capacity can be expanded up to three times according to demand
  • Intelligent manufacturing: Establish an Industry 4.0 production line that meets regulations to improve production efficiency.
Manufacturing Service
Logistics Service

Logistics Service - GIL(Global in Local)

Portwell has expanded its service scope with branches all over the world to meet the needs of various places.

  • International logistics:Provide customer shipping services to save customers valuable time and money

  • Local branches:Establish overseas branches to meet customer needs immediately

  • Terminal assembly: meet the needs of local assembly plants and provide matching accessories.

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