• 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family and mobile Intel® QM77 Express chipset provide more performance at same TDP or lower.
  • Supports faster I/O interfaces on seven PCI Express lanes (four x1 can be configured to one x4 lane)
  • Supports four SATA ports include two 6Gbp ports and two 3Gbps ports
  • Power sharing technology between CPU and Graphics engine to maximize performance.
  • Display Port (DP), HDMI, DVI supported, up to 50% 3D performance increase, 1.8X HD to HD transcode performance.
  • Four USB3.0 ports supported

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family based Type VI Com Express with DDR3 SDRAM, VGA, LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet, 6Gbps SATA, and USB3.0

The Portwell PCOM-B219VG is designed with the Intel® QM77 express chipset which offers high computing power with the 3rd generation Intel core family. This provides turbo-boost, vPro, Hyper Threading, 3D Tri-gate Transistors, USB 3.0 and all the other materials necessary of withstanding wide temperature ranges necessary for harsh environment.The new Intel® Ivy Bridge platform provides this flexibility of cross-platform CPU selection. Its compact size and rugged design can withstand a wide temperature range of -40 to 80 degree Celsius while providing high speed and accurate responses from command centers to remote stations such as missile launchers, radar stations, and unmanned vehicles.

Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide
AB1-3828 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3615QE
AB1-3829 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3612QE with MOQ
AB1-3830 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3555LE
AB1-3831 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3517UE with MOQ
AB1-3832 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3610ME with MOQ
AB1-3833 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3120ME
AB1-3834 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3217UE with MOQ


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