Barcode Scanners

The technology of Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) is the key to digitalization for enterprises. In collaboration with iMotion, Portwell provides a wide range of barcodes scanners for our customers, catering to their various scanning applications and budgets.
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SC111 is equipped with a high-end scan engine and can accurately identify various types of barcodes. Its lightweight and durable design allows for easy operation under extreme environments, making it perfect for a variety of different use cases.
SW111 is a high-end, wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner that supports ultra-wide connection range freeing your workspace from wires. With a high-end scan engine, it can easily identify various barcodes and deliver an even more efficient working experience.
SC312 is equipped with an extremely powerful scanner that can easily read all forms of barcodes, making it applicable to multiple industry fields such as postal service, retail, finance, distribution and more. Superior design was applied to shrink this powerful scanner into a small form factor that weighs a mere 145g for effortless usage.
The ultra-compact size and ergonomic design reduces usage fatigue, making it a perfect solution for businesses that demand versatility such as in retail stores, boutiques and department stores. The innovative Cyclops series easily connect to laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones for seamless business operations integration.