Smart Logistics

In conventional logistics, it requires a significant amount of manpower. Imagine in a mega warehouse, people are shuttling around the cargos between themselves, which not only represents high personnel cost but also hides many potential safety concerns.

In smart logistics, these jobs are being replaced by robots.  These compact robots perform non-stop operation, avoid collision, find the shortest path and reduce labor force and warehouse related injuries.  Warehouse Robot can greatly improve the efficiency of work, speed, and load through precise positioning and instructions from the main control center.

To help our customer with this application, we introduce WUX-4200. The WUX-4200 adopts NUC specification which dimension is only 101.6(L) x 101.6(W) mm. This helps our customers easily integrate our All-in-One mother board into their system.  In addition, the low power consumption design can make the robots extend its operating time.  WUX-4200 provides eMMC on board to avoid the vibration during the factory floor movement.  To locate itself, the robot usually needs infrared sensor for distance, indoor Bluetooth for location and gyroscope for movement control. All those sensors mentioned above are utilized through the USB interface to connect with WUX-4200 motherboard. With WUX-4200, your logistics robot is now on the way.

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