Portwell Edge AI Solutions

Harnessing AI to Power Industrial Innovation

Since 1993, Portwell has evolved from pioneering single-board computers to leading-edge AI solutions. We innovate to integrate the future of AI into today's industries.


If the machine is to have "intelligence," it is necessary to train a suitable neural network model through deep learning. Based on the customer's demand, Portwell finds suitable Pre-trained models and helps customers prepare suitable models with Portwell hardware.


Our neural network trained by deep learning can quickly and efficiently process and output correct conclusions from new data. Portwell provides various AI vision solutions and Portwell Edge hardware to provide or assist customers with specific targeted solutions.

AI + IoT

In the AIoT era, seamless integration of AI and IoT is crucial. Portwell's solutions address this by combining AI's decision-making capabilities with IoT's sensory data, driving cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and building innovative business models. Our synergy of AI applications and IoT infrastructure forms the future of technology.

AI Technology as a Hardware Enhancer

Edge AI Computing Platform Portfolio

Edge AI Computing Platform Products

Compact and Cost-Effective

Introducing devices powered by the Kneron KL720 AI chips, making AI accessible without sacrificing quality or performance.

Low Power Consumption

Systems incorporating the versatility of NVIDIA AI accelerators, offering exceptional throughput for various AI applications.

High Throughput

PEAI-9910 equipped with NVIDIA RTX 4000  Series and Intel® 13th/14th Gen Core™ series processors, designed for AI-intensive tasks.

User Scenario

ALPR(Automatic License Plate Recognition)​
Defect Detection
EHS(Environment, Health, Safety) Management

Improving Overall Detection Latency

With a powerful Edge AI Solution, ALPR can be deployed on Edge AI devices and run in real-time


Reducing High Overkill

Reduced defects by 15% during component insertion via Portwell PEAI-powered AI vision.


Safety At Work

Smart EHS/Industrial safety/
Reducing workplace unsafe behavior

Portwell's Design & Manufacturing Services

Portwell’s DMS (Design & Manufacturing Services) optimizes precision engineering and innovative design. We transform concepts into leading-edge products with a meticulous approach to customization, ensuring excellence from blueprint to execution. Partner with us to shape the future of industrial technology.

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