Edge Intelligent Suit

Since Microsoft founder Bill Gates came up with the concept of Internet of Things in 1995, various industries around the world have invested huge resources to develop IoT technologies and applications, but in early days IoT development encountered several bottlenecks and problems: 1. Data of Perception layer is distributed in different databases; 2. Delay issue of the network connection between the Perception layer to Cloud; 3. Difficult to extract “useful information” among these huge and scattered “data”, these factors cause the Internet of Things become difficult for exerting synergy and being unable to fulfill user expectations.

Portwell is well aware of the needs and expectations for users of the Internet of Things, and also understands the difficulties faced by most users in the deployment of IoT. In order to solve the above problems, Portwell aims to use Edge Computing solutions to assist IoT users for the low latency from the Perception layer to the cloud network. Our edge computing host is equipped with self-made EIS (Edge Intelligent Suit) developed for the Edge Computing middleware. According to the different environments and needs of users, we choose the appropriate architecture to accelerate and facilitate the development of applications that meet user demands.

Through the EIS Edge Solution, Portwell can facilitate users to connect IoT nodes together in various fields.

If you want to embrace AI+IoT or experience EIS (Edge Intelligent Suit), please contact Portwell.

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