Real professional telemedicine is not achievable by using pure video software or general computers. It needs to combine professional communication technology and computer technology to overcome the limitations of time and space to transmit the professional knowledge of doctors, patient data, and local medical-related information. Through the long-distance transmission to expand the medical service market.

For long-distance medical equipment, a professional camera is needed, which can clearly capture the patient’s expression at a distance of more than 5 meters. Special IR light is also needed to detect the patient’s condition in the dark. In addition, a microphone that can receive up to 20 meters is important, so that patients can receive sound no matter where they are in the ward. MEDWEL’s telemedicine solution integrates these professional devices into one system to meet the limitations of the doctor’s remote consultation environment.

Telemedicine Solution

MEDWEL’s telemedicine system series: With rich embedded design experience, we provide a very compact design Box PC with high-performance to meet the needs of the customers. It also complies with the IEC60601-1 medical electrical safety regulations. In the I/O ports, it not only can output 4K high-quality images but also has a variety of options in the COM ports, which can meet the different fields and applications in the hospital. The extra DSP board is also added to amplify the acoustic reception distance and it makes this system become the major model for medical centers in telemedicine applications.

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