Automatic Optical Inspection in Automobile factory

Portwell helps automobile manufactures to improve paint shop production performance, we evaluate their status onsite and phase in AOI to control paint shop inspection quality. In the mechanical industry, because the product line has the following characteristics: a small number of production models, the structure of the test object are very different, and the production temperature and humidity are very different, so AOI implementation is slower than the electronic industry.

In order to create a highly reliable ruggedized management systems and overcome the environmental differences, we design the most severe high-temperature automobile paint shop inspection AOI up to 200 degrees Celsius with customers. The automatic optical inspection system needs to connect many peripheral devices, so we design add-on-card for potential upgrade in the future and to retain a level of flexibility. Portwell help customer to develop AOI system with the following features

Automatic Optical Inspection in Automobile factory Features

Modular add-on card design

Portwell system reserve modular add-on-card expansion to control relative sensors, the engineer can easily connect POE or PCIe device through expansion modules.

Wide Input Voltage

Some factories design 24V power input in their production line, but sometimes the power voltage will drop, so we design 12V-24V input to avoid any input voltage drop issue.


To avoid any paint and water damage, the front panel is design with IP standard and fan-less system..

Automatic Optical Inspection in Automobile factory Solution

Portwell provide onsite evaluation and real-time status to integrate customer’s requirements, then phase in AOI system in automobile paint shop inspection to improve production performance. In the next stage, we will work with customers to develop AOI in final product inspection, integrate AOI with a multi-axis robot, then customers can inspect interior, outlook, and engineer room status efficiently.

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