CNC is a machine equipped with management system, by input relative data, the computer will command to move CNC tool to perform the metal cutting. Now the CNC industry is moving to a smart digital control system by collecting and analyzing machine data, remote control and customized service, integrating hardware, software, service, and information flow to improve productivity and resource management.

CNC factory is very humid, and vibrates constantly during CNC operation, Portwell CNC solution will cover the below features:



UL 61010-2-201 Compliance

To meet safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use, Portwell CNC solution will follow UL 61010-2-201 Compliance, if customer request other regulations, Portwell can perform all tests and regulations required.

Anti-Glare Touch Panel

We design Anti-Glare touch panel for a clear vision of the control panel, and onsite touch FW adjustment to avoid interference from CNC motor. In this use case, we also support operators who have to wear gloves by adjusting the touch panel on the FW side.

Wide Temperature Range

During CNC operation, the environment temperature will get higher, especially in the metal cutting procedure, so Portwell provides -25 to 70 degrees Celsius system with IP65 water-proof and fan-less system to avoid any damage.


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