Locomotive Data Recorder

When there is a critical railway accident, a locomotive data recorder is the key to find out the reason why the accident happened, then analyzed all the data within to get the conclusive result.

In the development of railway systems, we incorporate the CHMM(Crash-Hardened memory module) within the system with high speed I/O and manage all information concurrently to make sure all critical information can pass into the data recorder in a correct sequence with no latency and no data loss, at the same time, operation temperature is another item that has to follow the locomotive system requirements. Portwell railway solution including the following requirements:

Locomotive Data Recorder Features

The consistence of locomotive power input

Portwell Railway Solution is designed to meet different environments conditions, in locomotive system, we design 72V-110V power input system for customers to avoid any power current drop issue. And we have to follow EN50155 Railway regulation, at the same time, be selective of the controlled material in the design stage

Safety Connect

In-Train railway system has to collect all data to store in CHMM(Crash-Hardened memory module), so we design with M12 connector to ensure the tight and robust wire connection.

Easy Access

We design an integrated stainless handle for easy access, customer can easily pullout the system.

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