Railway Level Crossing System

Safety has always been the most important topic in railway transportation, how to reduce railway level crossing accidents is very important. In the past, level crossing alarm only when the locomotive is coming, now the railway transportation system develop surveillance control system, however, more intelligence is needed in the upcoming future railway systems.

Railway level crossing management system integrated railway crossing warning system and surveillance management. The challenge comes from how to make sure every terminal can receive information without latency, and considered extreme outdoor temperature differences on the track. Furthermore, we have developed AI in the railway level crossing system to actively monitor level crossing, passing all information to the control center and the relative locomotive drivers to prevent any accident. If there are any abnormal issues, the system will inform the control center and the relevant locomotive driver for emergencies and take the necessary actions.

Portwell helps the America contractor in the construction of railway level crossing system, we design with gateway system to connect with every terminal, and discuss with customer to develop relative features to fulfill railway level crossing system requirement:

Railway Level Crossing System Features

Smart Connectivity

Railway level crossing system has to pass information to the relative terminals including traffic management center and drivers, if there is any emergency issue, the system will alarm to control center and then take actions to prevent any issue. Portwell integrated LTE, WIFI, and GPS to make sure the connection between all terminals are smooth

Wide Temperature Range

Portwell Railway Solution Systems design with a wide temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees to meet the requirement of outdoor temperature difference to ensure the stability of the systems.

Safe Maintenance

We have to consider the security issue in maintenance, after we observed customer’s behavior, we leverage their NFC badge system to provide security access to the maintenance restricted areas.

EN50121 Compliance

Portwell railway systems compliant with EN50121 regulation, we also provide the flexibility for customers to test EN50121 regulation in house at the board level prior and at the system level to aid customers in passing regulations with ease.

Railway Level Crossing System Solution

Portwell help customers in construction of a complete system solution, we have people to discuss and provide onsite check for user scenario with the customer, and provide solutions to help customers to be the experts in their field.

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