Board Production Flow

Raw Material Inspection

Materials in the production line are prepared based on the packing list provided by the warehouse staff and are stored in the WIP buffer area.

Material Baking

Material Baking The SMD components tend to be thin, hence, can’t endure high temperature.

Solder Paste Printing

Solder Paste PrintingA stencil plate is used to print the soldering paste thru the plate holes onto the PCB.

AOI - Soldering Paste

AOI – Soldering PasteOne-hundred percent automatic inspection of the PCB after solder paste printing detects defects and improves quality the first time.

Chips Mounting

Chips MountingHigh Speed Mounting pertains to different tiny components such as resistors, capacitors and ICs. This is a widely used procedure to achieve high precision production.

Visual Inspection

Visual InspectionVisual inspection stations are equipped with computers with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each product. The SOPs are composed of diagrams which allow our technicians to run their inspection effortlessly and efficiently.

Reflow Soldering

Reflow SolderingReflow utilization uses an internal heat cycle system which allows the soldered components on the PCB to be soldered after cooling.

AOI - Mounting

AOI – MountingThe AOI machine uses an optical inspection method to verify that the printing, mounting, and reflow processes were completed without defects.

Visual Inspection & Repair

Visual Inspection & RepairOur visual technicians utilize magnifying glass examination to check for material flaws that causes undesirable tendency.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

In-Circuit Testing (ICT)The ICT automated test system can check the assembly circuit wafer, short circuits, abruptions, resistors, capacitors, inductor components values, as well as diode, transistor, FET, SCR, TRIAC, IC for anomallies. Upon completion, reports regarding production and statistics aid in identifying errors in the production process and ensure product quality.


IPQCOur IPQC personnel examine all products according to the IPC-610D magnifying glass standards to determine and confirmed ECO, BOM and assure the production contents are without defects.

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