ESD Protection

ESD is usually caused by HBM (Human-Body Model), MM (Machine Model), CDM (Charge d-Device Model) and FIM (Field-Induced Model). The advantages of preventing ESD in the factory include better product reliability, extended usage life, cost savings and increased yields.

In order to ensure that the products will not be affected by ESD during production, an ESD control procedure is in place to meet standards.

Wear anti-static suits and wrist straps in the factory.

Each device and working area is grounded and tested periodically to confirm that the ESD measurement is normal.

  • Cover the anti-static tape on cables and test tools which are used in board functional testing.
  • Use acrylic shelves which may prevent electrostatic charge buildup.
  • Cover keyboards with an anti-static membrane to protect units under test from electrostatic damage.
  • Suppliers of ESD sensitive components are required to handle and ship them in a protective manner.
  • Anti-static packaging is designed to prevent failures due to electrostatic charge build-up.
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