System Production Flow


Makes certain that all the system components were assembled properly (Main board, Cable, Fan, HDD, etc.)

Visual Inspection

Once systems have been assembled, they will have already been visually inspected. Our inspectors ensure all components and accessories are assembled properly and follow MFG before testing.


Verifies that all the production processes are completed correctly and accordingly to specification.

Basic Function Test

In order to ensure the system product is able to boot up by Dynamic Burn-In, 100% of the system products are tested for electronic functionality via a Basic Function Testing after assembly.

Dynamic Burn In Test

DBI is the test used before the product is shipped out. The purpose is to screen possible weaknesses and failures which affect its reliability under different environments.

Advanced Function Test

This procedure is to ensure the quality and functionality of the system product after the Burn-in test.


We inspect the product for external defectiveness. Once they have passed, we then collocate all accessories into plastic bags then proceed with boxing and labeling.


Finished and packed goods are placed in this area for inspection; the FQC department will inspect finished goods based on standard procedures.


To implement QC inspection procedure on packaged and finished goods, OQC has the MIL–STD 105E Table. QC staff conducts sampling according to required sampling by quantity.


In order to meet the demands of storage, transportation, loading and unloading the products mechanically, our pallet stretch wrap machine is designed to enhance production efficiency and prevent damage to the products during transportation.

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