Empowering Industrial IoT with Compact but Mighty Computing Module

PCOM-BA03GL: A COM Express® Type 10 Mini Module Featuring Intel Atom® Processor x7000RE Series Propels Industrial IoT Innovation at the Edge and Beyond


Embracing the Industrial IoT Transformation

The Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT or IIoT) landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, safety considerations, and the need for efficient, secure, and scalable solutions. The IIoT revolution is reshaping the dynamic use-condition landscape, demanding robust and efficient computing solutions right at the network edge. More specifically, the prevalent market trends in IIoT development are propelling widespread adoption of IIoT solutions across diverse sectors. This surge is primarily driven by the acknowledged and proven advantages of enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and data-driven decision-making. Concurrently, the IIoT market is experiencing a significant transition toward edge computing. This shift empowers real-time insights, optimizes bandwidth utilization, and seamlessly integrates advanced analytics fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These capabilities facilitate essential functions such as predictive maintenance, quality control, and autonomous decision-making across a broad spectrum of industrial applications that often require robust and reliable embedded computing solutions to handle data processing, control, and communication directly on local edge devices.

An Optimized Pair for Industrial IoT at the Edge and Beyond

The prevailing trends in the industrial IoT market require embedded computing solutions built with compact footprint yet with power and efficiency, modular design approach, real-time and AI capabilities, and robust reliability and sustainability. A COM Express Mini module featuring the latest Intel Atom® Processors x7000RE Series meet up with each trend and challenge to deliver an ideal building block.

  • Compact and Energy-Efficient Systems: There is a growing preference for compact, energy-efficient embedded systems. These modules optimize space utilization while maintaining high performance.
  • Modular and Scalable Solutions: The industry is witnessing a shift towards modular and scalable solutions. These offerings provide flexibility and customization, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to evolving requirements.
  • Edge Computing Focus: Edge computing is gaining prominence for real-time data processing and decision-making. These modules built with features like Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) to enable real-time capabilities, reduce latency and enhance operational responsiveness.
  • AI and ML Integration: The integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities is a central theme. These embedded module solutions incorporating industry-leading AI inference acceleration technologies, such as Intel® AVX2 Vector Neural Network Instructions (AVX2 VNNI), empower automation systems to learn, adapt, and optimize processes with data intelligence.
  • Robust Designs for Extreme Environments: Engineers are optimizing rugged and reliable designs. These modules are engineered to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring stability and longevity.

Compact yet Powerful Module Solution with Industrial-Class Features

Portwell’s PCOM-BA03GL is a COM Express Type 10 Mini module (84mm x 55mm) that delivers high-performance computing tailored for various industrial IoT applications. Featuring up to 16GB of onboard LPDDR5 SDRAM and 32GB (up to 256GB) of eMMC storage, the PCOM-BA03GL ensures ample memory and storage capacities to handle demanding workloads. Powered by the Intel Atom® x7000RE Series processors with up to eight Efficient-cores (E-cores), 32 execution units and built-in AI capabilities, this compact yet powerful computer-on-module offers enhanced CPU and GPU performance, real-time capabilities with Intel TCC and TSN, and AI inference acceleration with Intel AVX2 VNNI support.

The Portwell PCOM-BA03GL is designed to thrive in harsh industrial environments, with wide operating temperature support ranging from -40°C to 85°C (selected SKUs). Featuring low power consumption, 6W~12W, as well as 4K display resolution, PCOM-BA03GL strikes an ideal balance between power efficiency and high-quality visuals. Additionally, the PCOM-BA03GL’s robust and dependable design assures uninterrupted performance even in demanding environments, rendering it a suitable choice for military, and many other extreme industrial applications.

Accelerating Industrial IoT Innovation

Leveraging the PCOM-BA03GL’s optimized features, industrial IoT solution providers can accelerate application development, deployment, and scalability. The Portwell PCOM-BA03GL COM Express Type 10 Mini size module delivers real-time edge computing capabilities, seamless AI and ML integration, robust connectivity, and a customizable modular design. It empowers the creation of efficient, agile, and intelligent industrial IoT solutions that align with key market trends and fuel the growth of the ever-evolving industrial IoT ecosystem to propel AI innovation everywhere.


PCOM-BA03GL COM Express Type 10 Mini Module with Intel Atom® Processor x7000RE Series

  • Intel Atom® processors x7000RE series with up to 8 E-cores, 32 execution units, and built-in AI capabilities
  • 2.5GbE with Intel TCC/TSN for real-time performance (selected SKUs)
  • Onboard LPDDR5 4800 MT/s up to 16GB with In-Band ECC support
  • Onboard eMMC up to 32GB (up to 256GB)
  • Dual 4K displays via eDP/LVDS, HDMI/DP
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature (selected SKUs)

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