Portwell and Network Optix Collaborate to Elevate Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

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In an impressive collaboration that marks a milestone in the tech industry, Portwell has partnered with Network Optix to develop advanced intelligent video surveillance solutions. This partnership underscores Portwell’s extensive capabilities in embedded and industrial computing and Network Optix’s expertise in intelligent video management software.

Pioneering AI-Enabled Industrial Computing Solution Provider

Founded in 1993, Portwell has been at the forefront of industrial and embedded computing technology. Known for its innovative approach, Portwell designs and manufactures a wide array of products, including state-of-the-art industrial motherboards, embedded systems, and custom DMS services tailored to meet the demands of various applications such as edge computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

Portwell cutting-edge solutions, such as the WEBS-21J0-ADL, WEBS-45J1, PEAI-9910 series, and PJAI-100ON, are engineered to integrate cutting-edge technologies like Intel Atom® X7000E, Hailo-8, and NVIDIA® Jetson Orin NanoTM. These technologies ensure high performance and efficiency, making Portwell’s solutions ideal for handling the complex requirements of dynamic sectors including telecommunications, medical electronics, and industrial automation.

Groundbreaking Intelligent Video Technology Collaboration

The collaboration between Portwell and Network Optix is poised to set new standards in the field of intelligent video technology. Network Optix’s scalable, open-platform video management software simplifies the creation of customized video and AI integrations across various environments, including cloud, desktop, and mobile. By combining Portwell’s robust hardware solutions with Network Optix’s innovative software capabilities, the two companies aim to enhance security and operational efficiency across numerous industries.

Looking ahead, Portwell and Network Optix are committed to continuous innovation in intelligent video solutions. Their joint efforts are expected to yield new features and optimizations that cater to evolving market needs and future trends. This strategic alliance not only demonstrates the latest advancements in technology but also predicts a promising future for intelligent video applications globally.

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