Portwell x Network Optix Unveil Next-Gen AI Video Monitoring

2024 Portwell with NX

Revolutionizing AI Surveillance for Enhanced Monitoring

Video monitoring and surveillance market is currently undergoing a transformative growth phase, marked by rapid advancements in technology and escalating demand across various sectors. As industries like retail, healthcare, industrial automation, and public safety increasingly adopt AI technologies, there is a pronounced shift towards systems that provide real-time, efficient, and autonomous decision-making. This trend is predominantly driven by the need for advanced surveillance systems that not only ensure security but are also capable of intelligent, prompt responses with minimal delays. The integration of AI in video surveillance is revolutionizing how monitoring is conducted, enhancing both the precision and reliability of the surveillance systems.

To support the sophisticated requirements of AI-enhanced video monitoring and surveillance applications, the underlying hardware must meet specific high-performance criteria. These systems demand robust computing hardware that is environmentally adaptable and capable of efficient power management to ensure continuous, reliable operation across a variety of settings. Key hardware specifications include the ability to support advanced AI algorithms and the seamless integration with various types of camera systems. Moreover, the hardware must be capable of functioning under extreme conditions, spanning a wide range of temperatures and power scenarios, to maintain optimal performance and durability in diverse operational environments.

Portwell x Network Optix Pioneer AI Surveillance

Portwell collaborated with Network Optix to demonstrate their cutting-edge AI video monitoring solutions at COMPUTEX 2024, marking a significant advancement in the integration of AI and video technology, setting new standards for operational efficiency and security across various industries.

Portwell edge AI solutions are at the forefront of the technological wave, designed to support the rigorous demands of edge computing and AI applications. The collaboration solution lineup includes:

PJAI-100-ON | Edge AI Computing

Fanless, compact edge AI system equipped with the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano™, ideal for industrial applications requiring silent operation and robust performance in diverse environmental conditions.

WEBS-21J0-ADL | Fanless Box PC: Entry-Level

Intel Atom® X7000E series powered embedded system offers optimized performance for IoT applications, including digital signage and retail. This system supports various display and storage configurations, ensuring versatility and scalability in deployment.

WEBS-45J1-H8 | Fanless Box PC: High Performance

Embedded rugged fanless system with 14th Gen Intel Core™ processors and Hailo AI module, enhances suitability for high-demand Edge AI applications and rich connectivity, providing extensive versatility for industrial uses.

In the realm of industrial AI, Portwell’s technology integrates cutting-edge AI capabilities with high-performance hardware, driving the development of next-generation industrial applications that are both intelligent and efficient.

Nx EVOS, Network Optix full-stack intelligent video platform, is revolutionizing video management with its seamless integration capabilities and robust feature set, including automated camera monitoring and advanced playback options. When combined with Portwell’s durable hardware, Nx EVOS enhances video system reliability and performance, facilitating smarter, more responsive surveillance solutions.

This strategic partnership between Portwell and Network Optix not only demonstrates the capabilities of their respective technologies but also sets the stage for future advancements in AI video monitoring, promising enhanced security and operational efficiencies for industries worldwide.


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