Portwell Adds PCOM-B65A, a New COM Express Type 6 Module with New Gen Intel Core Ultra Processors for Medical Devices, Industrial Control and Edge AI Solutions

Portwell, Inc. has expanded its COM Express module product line with the PCOM-B65A. This module utilizes the new generation Intel Core Ultra processor and is based on the COM Express Basic size form factor (125 mm x 95 mm), continuing the popular legacy of rich I/O interface solutions. To meet growing computing demands for optimized performance per watt, richer I/O interfaces, and increased memory/storage capacity, there is an increasing need for embedded computing to provide faster, more efficient processing capabilities while meeting stringent and evolving reliability requirements.

In today’s era, as advocated by Portwell, scalability and upgradeability remain fundamental key considerations in computing technology innovation and solution design. The well-recognized Computer-on-Module (COM) modular computing concept and the latest COM Express prove this. The Module Base Specification Revision 3.1 expands the usability of COM Express, supporting high-speed interfaces such as PCIe Gen 4 and USB4. This upgrade aims to extend the highly scalable modular embedded computing design approach, offering a new computer module solution that combines next-generation CPU technology with high-speed input/output interfaces for greater upgradeability and configuration flexibility.

Brand New Processor Architecture and Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Process
The new Intel Core Ultra processor series employs various manufacturing technologies, including the new Intel 4 node process, ultimately packaged into a single chip using Foveros technology. Intel Core Ultra processor centers around SoC tile, combining compute tile, graphics tile, and I/O tile to form a complete processor chip. The new Intel Core Ultra processor series 1 offers up to 16 cores, including 6 performance cores (P-cores) and 8 efficiency cores (E-cores) and additional 2 low power E-cores, capable of up to 22 threads and 24MB Intel Smart Cache. It integrates an Intel Arc* GPU with up to 128 Execution Units (EUs), enhancing rapid and dynamic visual processing. Moreover, the entire series of processors comes with an additional 2 low power E-cores, offering outstanding energy efficiency, especially suitable for fanless, small form factor solutions designed for edge computing applications.

AI Is Everywhere Across the Network and Edge
In response to the explosion of new generation AI demands, industrial computers have evolved from edge computing to edge AI. The new generation Intel Core Ultra processor series integrates a NPU for dedicated AI computing, this offers more efficient AI inference capabilities for various power and space-constrained edge applications. Additionally, it provides industrial-grade features to accelerate real-time performance and intelligence in challenging IoT edge computing environments.

Empowering Diverse Applications Across Industries
The Portwell PCOM-B65A COM Express Type 6 module offers high scalability and input/output performance, making it suitable for a variety of use cases. It can be designed as a driver for edge servers and a core computing component for small, high-performance embedded computers. For small embedded computing devices and systems, the Portwell PCOM-B65A can support onboard PCIe NVMe SSD, thereby reducing the need for additional storage deployment on the carrier board. This, in turn, helps optimize system configuration, thereby reducing the physical size to meet the challenging layout and space constraints of a wide range of edge computing use cases.

Complete Product Design, Technical Expertise and Project Experience
As a trusted partner in industrial and embedded computing solutions, Portwell has over 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive project support, including product design, design guidelines, schematic reviews, technical expertise, production, and certification processes. Portwell also provides customers with the latest product roadmaps to facilitate early planning for next-generation product upgrades and new projects. The Portwell PCOM-B65A Compact COM Express Type 6 module is a high-performance and highly reliable modular computer solution built on the long-standing COM Express standard that balances cost, functionality, and performance. It offers highly scalable embedded computing design options for applications such as medical devices, industrial control, and edge/network communication.

PCOM-B65A, COM Express Type 6 Basic Size Module with New Gen Intel Core Ultra Processors on Intel 4 Process

  • Support H/U series processor up to 14 cores compute capabilities with 6 Performance-cores (P-cores) and 8 Efficient-cores (E-cores)
  • Intel Arc Graphics with up to eight Xe-cores (up to 128 EUs)
  • 2x DDR5-5600 non-ECC SO-DIMMs up to 96GB
  • 1x PCIe Gen4 x8 (H-series), 2x PCIe Gen4 x4, and 8x PCIe Gen4 x1
  • 4x USB3.2 Gen 2, 8x USB2.0, 2x SATA, 3x DDI, VGA, eDP/LVDS
  • 2.5GbE based on Intel Ethernet Controller I226 Series
  • COM Express Basic form factor size of merely 125mm x 95 mm
* Intel Arc GPU only available on select H-Series, Intel Core Ultra processor powered systems with at least 16GB of system memory in a dual-channel configuration. OEM enablement required; check with OEM for system configuration details.
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COM Express Type 6 Basic size module with Intel New Gen Core Ultra Series Processor DDR5 SO-DIMM, DDI, PCIe Gen 4,USB 3.2 Gen2, 2.5 Gigabit TSN Ethernet, discrete TPM 2.0, eDP, SATA

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