Portwell Launched WEBS-89I0, a Compact and Robust Industrial PC, Accelerating Industrial Automation Transformation

Compact and Rugged Embedded System with Intel® Celeron® J6412 Processor, Ideal Solution for Industrial Automation

Portwell Inc., a world leading IPC provider, unveils the WEBS-89I0, a cutting-edge embedded system offering outstanding performance and reliability. Powered by Intel® Celeron® J6412 processor and featuring compact, rugged fanless design and rich I/O interfaces such as 3 GbE, dual Display and expansion slots, the WEBS-89I0 delivers exceptional computing power and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for accelerating factory automation and industrial transformation.

The WEBS-89I0 boasts the Intel® Celeron® J6412 processor, renowned for its high-performance computing capabilities and low power consumption design. Capable of processing sensor data and supporting complex analysis and decision-making, it enhances factory automation and facility monitoring efficiency. Its advanced 10nm fabrication technology and compact fanless cooling design ensure stable operation in harsh environments, extending the system’s lifespan. The compact design of the WEBS-89I0 improves workspace utilization, making it particularly suitable for limited-space work environments. Additionally, the WEBS-89I0 offers dual-channel high-resolution display output, meeting the demands of industrial applications like machine vision. With 3x GbE ports, 3x USB ports, RS232, RS485, and expansion slots supporting 5G and Wi-Fi 6, the WEBS-89I0 adapts flexibly to various industrial automation applications, accelerating the pace of factory transformation.

As the manufacturing industry evolves, improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing quality have become top priorities for businesses. Unlike traditional manual processes that incur significant labor costs, today’s operations are trending towards automation, increasing efficiency and quality while reducing production costs. WEBS-89I0 stands out with its array of key benefits tailored for industrial applications. Its compact, fanless, and wide temperature design not only saves space but also enhances reliability, ensures silent operation, and enables seamless adaptation to harsh industrial environments. With three Gigabit Ethernet ports, it effortlessly meets the diverse networking requirements of industrial control, offering bandwidth redundancy and addressing overall traffic needs effectively. Moreover, its dual-channel high-definition display enhances multitasking efficiency and workflow management, making it ideal for various applications. Additionally, the WEBS-89I0 boasts abundant wireless communication capabilities, supporting 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies to provide high-speed and stable wireless connections, meeting both current and future device requirements with ease. The compact, rugged, and fanless design of the WEBS-89I0, along with its rich external expansion features, assist various industrial applications such as factory automation, equipment monitoring, smart warehousing, transportation management, visual inspection, energy, and environmental monitoring in achieving industrial transformation, gaining significant advantages in the market, and enhancing overall competitiveness.

As a leader in industrial computer solution manufacturing and a Gold Member of the Intel Partner Alliance, Portwell possesses innovative research and development capabilities and stable local production capacity. With global service across EMEA, AMER and APAC, Portwell can provide timely service according to the needs of partners. Committed to offering innovative one-stop solutions, including industrial single-board computers, modular industrial systems, industrial-grade power supplies, industrial storage devices, industrial enclosures, FPGAs, hardware, software, and customized projects, Portwell provides DMS and EMS technical support services, including product consultation, collaborative design, industrial certification, mass production, and global logistics. From product consultation to mass production, Portwell can meet customer needs and help businesses achieve greater success. The launch of WEBS-89I0 provides the industrial automation market with more efficient, flexible, and stable solutions, accelerating the transformation of industrial automation.

WEBS-89I0: DIN-Rail Embedded System


Embedded Rugged Fanless DIN-Rail System with Intel® Celeron® WEBS-89I0 J6412 SoC based proprietary board.

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