Industry 4.0 Simplified by Intel Celeron Powered Compact Embedded System

Accelerated Smart Manufacturing with Powerful Edge Computing

Industry 4.0 momentum such as AI and IIoT is reshaping factories with connected machines, adaptive analytics and smarter automation orchestrating greater efficiency and productivity. However, harsh industrial environments, connectivity challenges, and demand for real-time data insights make automation implementations complex. Legacy automation controllers struggle with reliability issues, lack advanced analytics capabilities, and fail to offer the I/O flexibility needed for future expansion. There is an urgent need for rugged, secure and intelligent automation platforms that simplify sensor connectivity and equipment coordination while providing actionable facility insights.

WEBS-89I0, Portwell embedded system featuring Intel Celeron J6412 processor, is purpose-built to answer these industry challenges. With its high-efficiency processing power, this compact and rugged fanless system reliably operates between -20° to 60°C with high performance and low power consumption that minimizes failure risks while driving complex automation algorithms. In addition, its integrated 3 GbE ports enable multi-protocol industrial communications with network redundancy and connection to various devices for different use cases. Dual video output facilitates at-a-glance monitoring while optional wireless (Wi-Fi 6 and 5G) allows over-the-air analytics coordination. WEBS-89I0 also offers versatile mounting, expansion, TPM security and compatibility with Linux and Windows OS environments – installment is seamless while future-proofing the automation infrastructure.工廠自動化-05.jpg

For instance, a semiconductor fab implemented the WEBS-89I0 controllers across numerous production stations involving precision sensors, robotic arms and conveyor systems that manage sensitive electronic component fabrication. The compact, fanless boxes simplified installation across the vibration-prone equipment. The engineering team utilizes WEBS-89I0’s efficient parallel processing capabilities to orchestrate sensor data aggregation, computer vision quality inspections and conveyor belt control adjustments simultaneously in real-time with time-critical decisions driven at the edge for minimizing production defects. Remote analytics and predictive notifications enabled by 5G connectivity help operational personnel preemptively perform corrective maintenance prior to any assembly line disruptions. With easy backup integration, the fab’s automation flows continue unimpeded even with intermittent network degradations, keeping throughput and yield rates optimal.

As evident, the WEBS-89I0 delivers rugged embedded computing necessary for smart, interconnected manufacturing floors. By condensing efficient Intel-based processing within compact and wide-temperature tolerant enclosures, it enhances reliability, sharpens real-time coordination via superior wired/wireless networking and enriches visibility into shopfloor analytics – helping pave the Industry 4.0 journey. With versatile installation and simple integration with contemporary automation technologies, the future-ready WEBS-89I0 simplifies your edge infrastructure while unlocking measurable productivity improvements.

WEBS-89I0: DIN-Rail Embedded System


Embedded Rugged Fanless DIN-Rail System with Intel® Celeron® WEBS-89I0 J6412 SoC based proprietary board.

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