Compact and Rugged Embedded System with Intel Celeron® J6412 Processor Leads Machine Vision and Automatic Inspection to Break Through Market Barriers and Create the Future

Market Environment

Machine vision technology plays a pivotal role in industrial applications, with extensive use from production monitoring to quality inspection and to safety monitoring. However, these application areas often face many predicaments and challenges, including the demand for high-performance processors, multi-channel high-resolution displays, and industrial-grade design.

Challenges and Demands in Application Field

In machine vision inspection applications, high-quality images are needed to detect objects, measure, and inspect. However, many traditional devices have limitations in image output and cannot meet the requirements of high resolution and flexible display. Next is the challenge of processor performance. Real-time image processing and analysis require powerful processor support, especially in high-end applications that require processing large amounts of image data and complex algorithms, making processor performance even more important. Also, factory environments are often subject to harsh environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and dust. Therefore, the equipment needs to have good durability and reliability. In summary, we need a solution that meets the above requirements and overcomes existing and potential environmental barriers to improve the performance and reliability of machine vision inspection systems.

Features and Advantages of Portwell Machine Vision Inspection Solutions
Multi-Channel high-resolution display: Supports HDMI and DisplayPort, provides 3840×2160@60Hz and 4096×2160@60Hz high-definition image output to meet the requirements of image quality in machine vision applications.

Industrial-grade design: The compact (138 x 102 x 48 mm) and rugged appearance coupled with a wide temperature range of -20°C to 60°C and fanless operation enables the WEBS-89I0 to adapt to various harsh industrial environments.

Diverse expansion and connection options: WEBS-89I0 provides 3 Ethernet ports, 3 USB ports, 1 RS-232 and 1 RS-485 ports, and also has a mini-PCIe slot that supports wireless communications to meet various connection needs.

Excellent image quality and display flexibility: With high-resolution display ports, WEBS-89I0 can provide clear and detailed visual effects for operators to accurately monitor and analyze images.

Powerful processor support: Equipped with the Intel Celeron® J6412 processor, WEBS-89I0 has excellent computing power to process large amounts of image data and complex visual algorithms to achieve real-time image processing and analysis.

Adaptation to harsh environments in diverse industrial fields: The industrial-grade design of WEBS-89I0 ensures stable operation in various harsh industrial environments, whether temperature fluctuations or vibrations, it can work reliably.

How to solve the current predicaments and challenges in the machine vision inspection application field?
In response to the current predicaments and challenges in the machine vision inspection application field, the powerful processor and high-resolution display equipped with WEBS-89I0 can meet the image processing requirements in machine vision applications. Its industrial-grade design with a lightweight, rugged appearance and fanless mechanism also adapts it to the space and temperature limitations of industrial environments and ensures stability and reliability in various harsh industrial environments. In addition, the diverse connection and expansion options provided by WEBS-89I0, including Ethernet ports, USB ports, RS-232/485 serial ports, and a mini-PCIe slot supporting wireless communications, thereby enhancing system flexibility and scalability. In summary, WEBS-89I0 provides a comprehensive solution for the machine vision inspection application field to enable it to meet various challenges and achieve better results. As a high-quality machine vision inspection application solution, WEBS-89I0 combines powerful hardware performance, industrial-grade durability, and diverse connection options to provide an ideal choice for users.


Product Information

Embedded Rugged Fanless DIN-Rail System with Intel® Celeron® WEBS-89I0 J6412 SoC based proprietary board.

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