LYNX-6000 Series Functions as Industrial IoT Gateways, Intelligent Edge Appliances and Industrial Automation Controllers

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – November 19, 2020– Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing solutions, and an Associate member of the InteI® Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) Alliance, announces the LYNX-6000 Series, a new generation of palm-sized, ready-to-use industrial IoT gateway solutions based on Intel Celeron® N3350 CPU (formerly Apollo Lake platform) and also certified by Microsoft® Azure® IoT that provides a scalable infrastructure for data, virtual machines, server and front-end applications. According to Yaling Sun, Portwell’s project manager, the new LYNX-6000 Series provides a rich portfolio of ultra-small form factor IoT appliances that offer a variety of features including low power consumption connectivity and expansion, ruggedized design, and industrial regulatory compliance.

LYNX-6000 Series with Highly Flexible I/O and Expandable Capabilities
Through modular design, LYNX-6000 Series features an impressive combination of modern and legacy I/O connectivity, plus an additional proprietary expansion slot allows LYNX-6000 Series to enhance I/O connectivity and increase system functionality via various add-on I/O options.

LYNX-6110: The Basic Model Suitable for Edge Computing
Features of the LYNX-6110 basic model include Intel Celeron N3350 processor (Apollo Lake platform); onboard 4GB LPDDR4 DRAM (up to 8GB); onboard 32GB eMMC 5.0 (up to 256GB); operation at <10W for energy efficiency; 2x GbE LAN, 2x USB 3.0, 1x DP with resolution up to 4K; 1x M.2 Key E 2230 for wireless module; wide power input ranges from 12-30 VDC; ruggedized, fan-less and advanced thermal design; DIN-rail and wall mount options; certified with heavy industry EMC and EMI class B; and optional wide operating temperature support and customized appearance service.

LYNX-612A: Smart Surveillance Solution
Adapting low power Intel® Apollo Lake processor, LYNX-612A is equipped with 4x LAN (2x isolated LAN) to connect multi local area network devices in different electric noise environment. One legacy RS-232/422/485 also helps communicate machine to machine, collect all edge devices data for analysis, and then forward analysis result to control center as an edge controller.

LYNX-612B: Smallest CANbus Edge Computing
LYNX-612B is a compact PC with CANbus, which can connect and communicate with different electronic units. Its 8-bit GPIO pins also provide a programmable interface to read the state of a binary input device or control the on/off state of a binary output device. By supporting 4x LAN in palm-sized dimension, it can easily work as IoT gateway in a small space for automation applications.

LYNX-612D: PoE Gateway with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Certification
As a compact, fan-less and cable-less PC adapting low power Intel® Apollo Lake processor, LYNX-612D is targeted as PoE gateway. Three PoE LAN ports allow it to easily connect with multi cameras and PoE devices. With Microsoft Azure Edge device certification, it’s easy to deploy complex event processing, machine learning, image recognition, and other high value AI without writing it in-house.

LYNX-612E: Edge Solution for Industrial Automation Environments
LYNX-612E with enriched legacy industrial control interfaces is designed as a software-defined gateway for a variety of industrial automation environments. In addition to common features, it includes 1x Full-size Mini-PCIe and 1x M.2 key B 2242 for expansion (such as storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, LoRa or LTE modules), 1x RS-232 and 1x RS-232/422/485 (BIOS configurable).

LYNX -612G: IoT Gateway with Enriched I/Os for Expansion
LYNX-612G is designed for the compact IoT gateway that requires enriched I/O ports for expansion or connectivity. Certified by by Microsoft® Azure® IoT, it has been pre-tested and verified to work with Microsoft® Azure® IoT devices, allowing businesses to reach customers where they are, work with an ecosystems of devices and platforms and enable faster time to production.

Wide Range Applicability
With modularized I/O options, LYNX-6000 Series can easily function with a variety of different applications. The compact system is equipped with rich interfaces for data acquisition and server connection. Various communication ports help connectivity for machines-to-machines; wireless function is also available for remote controllability and manageability.

Portwell’s LYNX-6000 Series is an ideal IoT solution for industrial/factory automation, facility management, transportation, intralogistics or smart warehouse, communication testing equipment, electrical charging station management, automated guided vehicle (AGV) and IoT nodes for data collection/ management, and edge computing.

Palm-Size Power and Innovation for Integrated IIoT Solutions
Portwell’s LYNX-6000 series offers the industrial IoT market a rich portfolio of ultra-small form factor devices with state-of-the-art expansion design to ensure that various I/O choices for different applications are fulfilled with minimal investment, states Sun. Whether you need to perform data collection and transition, edge computing or communication tasks in applications like industrial automation, intralogistics or smart retailers, Portwell’s LYNX-6000 series can more than handle the task. Designed with the latest Intel Celeron N3350 at a mere 100 x 53.5 x 92 mm, its ultra-small palm-size form factor can easily fit into limited spaces. Plus, Sun adds, its ruggedized design makes it ideal for the harsh industrial environment. This flexible, fan-less and ready-to-use industrial IoT appliance from the leading IoT solution provider is the perfect choice for people looking to reach their goal of quick time-to-market for their product or time-to-complete for their project.

And as always, Sun confirms, our customers not only benefit from the most up-to-date technology and features, but they also gain peace of mind from the long lifespan support (15+ years) inherent with every Portwell product.

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LYNX-6000 Series

LYNX Series is a compact, palm-sized, fan-less and cable-less PC adapting low power Intel® Apollo Lake processor.

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