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Most analyzers in the industry predicated that there will be more than 50 billion devices by 2020, connected to the Internet. This is described as the era of Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a big collection of smart sensors, networks, servers, and services that interact among them. This trend applies to all sectors or markets, and it is a way to automate, control, and manage factories, homes, transportation, energy, medical/healthcare facility, etc. All layers of networks, from applications, middleware, connectivity, and devices, will contribute to realizing the full power of IoT. For edge connectivity, the intelligent gateways play a major role communicating in between the devices and the cloud, collecting data from the devices for analysis, and forwarding the instructions from the upend servers to activate the devices.

To leverage the current internet infrastructure, an intelligent IoT gateway is developed for the purpose of connecting legacy and new equipment, from in-house cooling or heating devices, vending machine, to industrial robot and wind turbine, to get the data from them, and in return to control them intelligently based on the instructions or analytical results from the connected servers. Since most of the industrial automation devices are often designed in different protocols of interconnectivity. A versatile IoT gateway with various protocol supports is also used as the path between these automation devices and the cloud.


IoT Integration

IoT Integration

Microsoft® Azure® IoT edge certified, Support Universal IoT connector

Industrial Environment EMC

Industrial Environment EMC

Industrial Environment of EMI(EN 61000-6-4) EMC(EN 61000-6-2)

Diverse Operating System

Diverse Operating System

Compatible with Windows® 10 IoT and Yocto® v2.7

Palm-sized Cube

Palm-sized Cube

Ultra-small form factor with less than 0.5 liters capacity

Reliable System

Reliable System

Advanced aluminum chassis design to optimize thermal solution with fan-less and cable-less system

Module Design

Module Design

Module design with diverse extension I/Os

Build the Intelligent Edge with Microsoft Azure

LYNX series are Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. It provide high reliability and best connection capability for Azure IoT.

Azure IoT Edge can help to use cloud computing and tools to LYNX edge computing series. You can deploy those containers to any of the devices and monitor it all from the Azure cloud.

Heavy Industrial Environment

In order to ensure the practical application of LYNX series in heavy industrial environment, LYNX compliant with industrial grade EMI(EN 61000-6-4) / EMC(EN 61000-6-2) standard, its aluminum rugged design chassis is suitable for any harsh industrial environments.

Module Design

With flexible module design extension I/Os, LYNX can fit in different applications such as  POE surveillance, COM and CANbus for legacy equipments, if customer wants to customize I/Os, module design can help shorten time to market.


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LYNX Series: Link to the World

Palm-size power and innovation for integrated AIoT solutions based on Intel Celeron N3350 and certified by Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Device. LYNX Series provides a rich portfolio of ultra-small form factor IoT appliances that offer a variety of features including low power consumption connectivity and expansion, rich interfaces for data acquisition and server connection, ruggedized design, and industrial regulatory compliance. It’s one of the best AIoT solutions for you.


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The base model suitable for edge computing


IoT Gateway with enriched I/Os for expansion


IoT Gateway in industrial automation environment


PoE Gateway with Microsoft IoT edge certification


Connect security with Intelligent video analytics


Harsh environment edge controller


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