Our industrial single board computers are functioning computers that incorporate memory, microprocessors, input and output, as well as a slew of other necessary components needed for a complete computer. Industrial single board computers are ideal for rapidly building industrial grade PCs with minimal customization requirements. As a result, single board-computers are extremely convenient for organizations of all kinds.
Incorporating Intel® processors, these single-circuit boards are suitable for medical, digital signage, and even industrial automation applications. We have Intel® SBCs with varying degrees of operational memory and display ports for VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI® as well as variety of backplanes for multiple functional expansions.
Browse our selection of industrial SBCs and backplanes today, or contact us if you require custom SBC fabrication.


5-slot [PCIe x16 (1), PCI-X (2), PCI (1)]

6-slot [PCIe x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI-X (2), PCI (1)]

6-slot [PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCIe x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI (2)]

6-slot [PCIe x16 (1), PCIe x4 (1), PCI (3)]

6-slot [PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI (4)]

Vertical 6-slot [PCIe x1 (4), PCIe x16 (1)]

Vertical 6-slot [PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCIe x16 (1), PCI (3)]

7-slot [PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCIe x16 (1), PCI (4)]

8-slot [PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCIe x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI (4)]

10-slot [PCIe x16 (1), PCIe x4(3, x4 signal), PCIe x4(3, x1signal), PCI(2)]

11-Slot [PCIe x16(1), PCIe x16 (2, x8 signal), PCIe x8 (4, x1 signal), PCI (3)]

12-slot [PCIe x16 (1), PCIe x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI (9)]

12-slot [PCI-X (8), PCIe x16 (1), PCI (2)]

12-Slot [PCIe x16 (1, x8 signal), PCIe x8 (2, x4 signal), PCIe x4 (4, x1 signal), PCI (4)]

13-slot [PCIe x16(1), PCIe x16(2, x1 signal), PCIe x4(5, x1 signal), PCI(4)]

13-slot [PCIe x1 (3), PCIe x16 (1), PCI (8)]

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