COM Express Type-VI Basic module with Intel® 11th Gen H Processor with DDR4 SO-DIMM, DDI, PCIe Gen 4.0, USB 3.2 Gen2x1, 2.5 Gigabit TSN Ethernet, discrete TPM 2.0, eDP/LVDS, SATA III and VGA


  • 11 Gen Intel® Core™, Celeron®, and Xeon® W-11000E Series processors in 10nm Super Fin Process technology
  • AI/DL Instruction sets Support (Intel VNNI, AVX-512, INT8, FP16)
  • Up to 8C/16T@45W, support industrial temperature on selected SKUs
  • DDR4 SO-DIMM, PCIe Gen 4.0 x16, and 8x PCIe Gen 3.0 x1
  • Complete Support of 3x DDI, eDP/LVDS, and VGA
  • Support Intel® TCC/TSN with 2.5GbE


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PCOM-B657VGL is a COM Express module based on Intel® 11th Gen H Processor, which is compatible with COMe 3.0 standard. The platform adopt 10nm++ process and support VNNI instruction set, offers advance computing power with 45W~25W thermal and industrial grade power management.


Model Name PCOM-B657VGL
Form Factor (mm) COM Express® Basic (125 x 95mm)
COM Type Type 6
CPU/ Clock/ Cache i7-11850HE, 8C/16T, 2.6GHz, 24MB
i5-11500HE, 6C/12T, 2.6GHz, 12MB
i3-11100HE, 4C/8T, 2.4GHz, 8MB
Celeron 6600HE, 2C/2T, 2.6GHz, 8MB
W-11865MRE, 8C/16T, 2.6GHz, 24MB
W-11555MRE, 6C/12T, 2.6GHz, 12MB
W-11155MRE, 4C/8T, 2.4GHz, 8MB
W-11865MLE, 8C/16T, 1.5GHz, 24MB
W-11555MLE, 6C/12T, 1.9GHz, 12MB
W-11155MLE, 4C/8T, 1.8GHz, 8MB
Chipset RM590E / QM580E
Memory DDR4 3200 MT/s
Dual Channel
Non-ECC / ECC (W-11000 Series)
Display 3*DDI, LVDS/eDP, VGA
Storage 4*SATA
USB 4 x USB 3.2 Gen2 x1
8 x USB 2.0
PCI Express 1 x PCIe 4.0 x16 (1 x16, 2 x8, or 1 x8 + 2 x4)
8 x PCIe 3.0 x1 (8 x1, 4 x1 + 1 x4, or 2 x4)
Support Intel RST for PCIe Storage for both x4 Link
Ethernet Intel I225 Family (2.5G)
Sound Intel® High Definition Audio
Graphic Controller Intel® UHD Graphics
Carrier Board PCOM-C605

Block Diagram

Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide
Product Ordering P/N Status
PCOM-B657VGL-11850HE AB1-3L58 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11500HE AB1-3L67 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11100HE AB1-3L65 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-6600HE AB1-3L66 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11865MRE AB1-3L57 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11555MRE AB1-3L64 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11155MRE AB1-3L63 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11865MLE AB1-3L59 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11555MLE AB1-3L62 Available
PCOM-B657VGL-11155MLE AB1-3L61 Available


Accessory Ordering P/N Status
Cooler (spring loaded copper slog) B9972030 Available
Cooler (Aluminum) B9972050 Available
Heatsink (spring loaded copper slog) B830B680 Available
Heatsink (Aluminum) B830B670 Available
Heatspreader (whole copper) B830B650 Contact Us
Heatspreader (Aluminum) B830B660 Contact Us
Carrier (Mini-ITX)
AB1-3998 Available
Evaluation Carrier (ATX)
AB1-3G22 Available


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   Catalog_PCOM-B657VGL Application Note.pdf | Catalog 20220309   March 9, 2022
766 KB 3215 Downloads
  Catalog   PCOM-B657VGL | Catalog 20211112   September 23, 2021

COM Express Type-VI Basic module with Intel® 11th Gen H Processor (Tiger Lake-H) DDR4 SO-DIMM, DDI, PCIe Gen 4.0, USB 3.2 Gen2x1, 2.5 Gigabit TSN Ethernet, discrete TPM 2.0, eDP/LVDS, SATA III and VGA

332.6 KB 4116 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B657VGL_R0016_Update.zip | BIOS R0.0.16   May 17, 2022
    1. The first release version for MP module
    9.7 MB 1828 Downloads
        EC   EC_PCOM-B657VGL_R006_Update.zip | EC R0.0.6   May 17, 2022
      1. The first release version for MP module
      32.8 KB 1918 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_Ethernet_I225_1.0.2.14b.zip | Driver   September 14, 2023
        296.23 KB 16 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_CSME_TGL-H_15.0.41.2142_B0_Corporate.zip | Driver   September 14, 2023
        275.14 KB 13 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_GNA- | Drive   February 6, 2023
        52 KB 419 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_CSME_TGL-H_15.0.41.2142_Corporate.zip | Driver   February 6, 2023

        Intel CSME

        874.53 MB 283 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_Ethernet_I225_1.0.2.14.zip | Driver   February 6, 2023

        Intel Ethernet Controller I225

        290 KB 220 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_Chipset_10.1.19013.8304.zip | Driver 10.1.19013.8304   May 17, 2022

        Intel Chipset driver

        4.11 MB 2248 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_DTT_8.7.10700.22502.zip | Driver 8.7.10700.22502   May 17, 2022

        Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology

        43.19 MB 1861 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_Graphics_101.1692.zip | Driver 101.1692   May 17, 2022

        Intel Graphic driver

        574.63 MB 1817 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_HID_Event_Filter_2.2.1.386_RS5.zip | Driver   May 17, 2022


        1.18 MB 2050 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-B657VGL_Intel_Serial_IO_30.100.2129.8.zip | Driver 30.100.2129.8   May 17, 2022

        Intel Serial IO

        2.2 MB 2055 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B657VGL_R1.1.pdf | Manual R1.1   April 13, 2023

        Add power consumption data
        Add accessory P/N

        1.61 MB 114 Downloads
          Carrier design guide   Manual_Carrier_Design_Guide_PCOM-B657VGL_R0.3.pdf | Manual R0.3   July 15, 2022

        Carrier design guide for PCOM-B657VGL, the first release version

        2.4 MB 913 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B657VGL_R0.1.pdf | Manual R0.1   June 6, 2022

        User’s guide for PCOM-B657VGL, the first release version

        2.3 MB 1003 Downloads
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