Portwell Facilitates 5G Network Architecture Transformation

To meet the increasing and ever-changing demands of emerging 5G networks and high-bandwidth connections, upgrading central office equipment has become a crucial task for contemporary telecom and networking operators. Portwell has recently collaborated with a renowned telecom equipment provider to offer optimized solutions, enhancing devices such as GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) and EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network). They provide hardware solutions tailored to specific needs and comprehensive support services.

Challenges in Network Architecture Transformation in the 5G Era

In the rapidly evolving landscape of 5G networks, network demands are becoming more frequent and unpredictable. Traditional network architectures need to transition to SDN (Software-Defined Networking) to break through limitations and meet the need for flexible adjustments. In this architecture transformation project, the challenges faced by hardware equipment include the requirement to possess both high performance and low power consumption to ensure energy efficiency. Additionally, since the equipment may be installed in data centers with unpredictable and harsh environmental temperatures, the hardware itself must support wide temperature ranges to ensure normal operation under extreme conditions. Besides the hardware specifications, the project also requires customized BIOS/EC to match the project’s motherboard design and technical consultation, as well as consulting services for BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) functions.

PCOM-B701GT: Enhancing Network Equipment Performance with High Efficiency and Stability

Portwell’s COM Express network module PCOM-B701GT fully meets the hardware specification requirements for GPON and EPON devices in this project. Models with different core counts support wide-temperature operation, ensuring stable and high-performance, low-power operation during use. Apart from the product’s inherent advantages, Portwell also leads the industry in technical and consulting services, proactively addressing various issues and swiftly providing solutions. Portwell’s technical team offers comprehensive technical consultation, including customized BIOS/EC design and BMC functionality. Additionally, Portwell provides consulting services, design services, manufacturing services, R&D services, and logistics services, guaranteeing stable supply for five to ten years and excellent after-sales service. Customers also use Portwell’s consulting services and technical support to ensure efficient operation of the hardware equipment.

Facilitating Network Equipment Optimization: Enhancing Competitiveness and Reliability

In summary, Portwell’s COM Express network module PCOM-B701GT successfully helped clients overcome multiple challenges in the optimization project of telecom network equipment, achieving high performance, low power consumption, and flexible network management adjustments. Through a stable supply chain and high-quality after-sales service, Portwell has enhanced the competitiveness of its clients, ensuring long-term operation and reliability of the equipment. This successful case fully demonstrates Portwell’s technical strength in the field of network equipment.

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