Portwell Launches New ANS-2141P/42P For SD-WAN Appliance And Ready For Upcoming 5g and Wi-fi 6 Technologies

Portwell, Inc., (www.portwell.com.tw)a world-leading innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing solutions, and an Associate member of the InteI® Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) Alliance, today announced the latest and groundbreaking solution of SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) / NFV (Network Function Virtualization), called ANS-8A64P (Advanced Network Solutions). The compact design and rich connections provide customer a sufficient data communication in branches as well as in Data Center.

Portwell Announces New Era Solutions ANS-8A64P/8A62P Inbuilt Intel Denverton Platform With Higher Computing in SD-WAN, Edge Computing, And IoT Application

As 5G is coming, everything is going to change and influence us from whole society to personal life. 5G will be the major wireless WAN option, and we believe that this transition will be a key driver for SD-WAN adoption. Due to 5G, IoT is more prosperous than before and brings out more use cases of PoE+ and Edge computing. Besides, with the birth of new technology WiFi-6 802.11ax, it will make wireless high-frequency transmission more efficient. Also, due to the characteristics of long-distance Internet of Things, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology has emerged. This technology includes features such as low power consumption, low cost, low speed and large coverage.