Portwell Partners with Network Optix for Debut at COMPUTEX 2024


Portwell partners with Network Optix to showcase innovative enterprise intelligent video technology at COMPUTEX 2024. This collaboration is expected to transform how enterprises enhance security and operational efficiency using intelligent video solutions, marking a significant step forward in video and security surveillance technology, and advancing AI applications to new heights.

COMPUTEX 2024 Unveils the Future of AI

COMPUTEX 2024 is grandly held at TaiNEX from today until June 7. This year’s theme “Connecting AI” brings together over 1,500 technology companies from around the world to showcase the latest advancements in AI technology, covering six major themes: AI computing, next-generation communications, future mobility, immersive reality, green energy sustainability, and innovation, demonstrating Taiwan’s outstanding capabilities in the global technology industry.


Portwell and Network Optix Present Enterprise-Level Intelligent Video Innovations

At this year’s COMPUTEX, Portwell and Network Optix are joining forces for the first time to showcase their enterprise intelligent video solutions and innovative technologies. Portwell is presenting a series of AI embedded computer systems featuring advanced computing and display technologies from renowned brands such as NVIDIA, Intel, and Hailo, suitable for edge computing, IoT, and AI applications. Network Optix is displaying its enterprise-level intelligent video operating platform, which offers high flexibility and seamless integration with various IP cameras.

This collaborative exhibition combines Portwell and Network Optix’s software and hardware technologies, providing real-time connectivity and control to meet the needs of intelligent video surveillance applications. These solutions can be effectively deployed in various environments, including corporate offices, factories, hospitals, shopping malls, train stations, and outdoor areas. This partnership not only revolutionizes how enterprises use intelligent video solutions to enhance security and operational efficiency but also achieves significant breakthroughs in video and security surveillance technology, paving the way for new chapters in AI applications.

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