Customized Service

Portwell Customized Service , the right source you can find!

Outsourcing a partner for your computing products will not be a headache anymore. Portwell offers you a wide range of customized computing key components, platforms, and systems. With years of experience and knowledge in the industrial application field, Portwell is now one of the best outsourcing partners in this industry. With Portwell, we shorten your product development cycle and make you the first on “Time to Market. “

Customer Benefits

Portwell is famous for her platform service that could offer the following benefits to customers.

Complete Product Portfolio

Please select from our full range of off-the-shelf and versatile custom solutions to scale your products. Portwell provides not only board-level products but also peripheral-level and complete system solutions.

Implement Latest Intel Technology

Portwell delivers cutting-edge solutions to meet and exceed the demand for the newest technologies and the need for more significant product life cycles. Since partnering with Intel in 1999, with streamlined access to the latest Intel technologies and roadmaps, Portwell has delivered superior products to meet your needs.

Faster Time-to-Market

Portwell’s experienced engineers, complete product solutions, global operation, and flexible business service help you meet the time-to-market requirement and reduce your new product introduction cycles and the costs of conducting business.

Leading Edge Innovator

Portwell is committed to product and solution innovation. We have a complete variety of proof-of-concept designs with Intel and are also a leader in offering the latest technologies to the market.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Portwell maintains high expectations in a determined pursuit of commitment to continuously improve our products and services to satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs.

Five Service

Portwell is proud of the technology service it provides to our partners. These services include service-demand consulting, product development, advanced design, quality production, and global logistics.

Share for Success

Portwell is eager to share its industrial know-how with customers via our online consulting. This feature enables customers to obtain suitable or customized solutions quickly and efficiently.

Design, Develop, and Deliver

  • We design, develop and deliver our customer requirements, such as production, reliability, stability, cost-effectiveness, and longevity of products.
  • Our experienced and sophisticated engineering capabilities include electronic, mechanical, firmware, and system integration expertise.

Responsive Manufacturing

Portwell has created substantial advantages in our manufacturing flexibility, capability, and efficiency through advanced equipment and process improvement; however, our high-standard production ensures that high-standard products stay ahead of the competition for all our customers. These benefits escalate our responsiveness to internal and external customers’ needs. Consequently, these enhancements allow us to offer the full customized capability to cope with customers’ needs.

With Portwell, you find the genuine partner and enjoy the privilege to access the first hand industry information and technology news. We make sure that you are now on the first priority.

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