• Support Intell® 6C~12C Xeon® processors with LGA 2011 package
  • Del i ver s up to 256GB DDR4 ECC registered memory assured the computer reliability and benefited the data swapping process
  • Adopt ASPEDD AST1400 graphic engine offers solid 2D performance by VGA port
  • High speed Gigabit Ethernet based on PCI express x 1 interface
  • Flexible PCI Express configuration on backplane up to total 36 lanes

ROBO-8122VG2R is based on Intel® C612 chipset and dual Xeon® processors. It’s a server grade SHB. Build with high conputing power and PCI express expension support, it’s suitable for Military, industrial automation, networking, Medical and Digital Signage applications.

Ordering Guide

TBD PCOM‐B643VG.TYPE VI.Skylake‐H.Basic Form Factor.Com Express Module.ECC/Non‐ECC.DDR4

Packing List

  • B8983660 Installation CD
  • B6902350 dual head COM port cable with bracket
  • B8981980 PICMG SBC Handling and Installation Notice
  • B6903350 DVI-D + VGA cable
  • B6902932 SATA III cable
  • B6903090 USB 3.0 cable with bracket
  • AB9-2066 PA-M1AU Multiple Media kit