PECA Series

Empowering Industries with Advanced Solutions for OT Applications

The PECA Series Industrial Gateway is designed to empower industries with cutting-edge features and unwavering reliability. Powered by high-performance Intel Atom processors, such as the Intel Atom x6212RE/x6414RE from the Elkhart Lake platform, these products deliver exceptional computing power, enabling seamless execution of complex tasks in OT(Operational Technology) applications.

Connectivity is vital in modern industrial operations, and the PECA Series Industrial Gateway offers reliable options tailored to diverse industrial applications. With flexible Ethernet functions, including GbE LAN, 2.5GbE LAN, and SFP connectivity, these products facilitate real-time data monitoring, remote control, and enhanced interoperability in OT environments.

Built to thrive in harsh industrial environments, the PECA Series Industrial Gateway features fanless designs and DIN-rail mounts, ensuring seamless integration into industrial settings. Equipped with a broad power input range and dual power inputs, these products provide redundancy and uninterrupted operation, even during power failures, ensuring continuous connectivity and data integrity in OT applications.

Security is paramount, and the PECA Series Industrial Gateway incorporates advanced features to safeguard critical operations in OT environments. Supporting VPN, Firewall, and IDS/IPS protocols, these products provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats. The integration of TPM 2.0 enhances security for industries operating in hostile digital environments, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive OT data.

The PECA Series Industrial Gateway is optimized for real-time performance, setting new industry standards and empowering industries to excel in digital transformation. Purpose-built to support demanding tasks, these products leverage the Elkhart Lake platform, enabling seamless execution with low latency and high reliability, ensuring real-time responsiveness in OT applications.

Contact us today to learn more about the PECA Series Industrial Gateway and how it can address your specific OT application requirements. Discover the advanced solutions that Portwell offers for your network appliance needs.

Fanless DIN-Rail Gateway of Intel® Atom® x6000 Processor and Up to 6 Ethernet Ports with 2-Segment Bypass

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