Industrial Panel PC

Experience Portwell’s Industrial Panel PC and its three core values: Refinement, Affordability, and Creativity. With the industrial grade TFT-LCD displays and all the necessary safety regulations, our Panel PCs are designed to be reliable and durable in any environment. Enjoy the slim and light aluminum design that is corrosion-resistant, while our fan-less design allows for low power consumption and no overheating. With our resistive or P-CAP touch screen, you can easily connect to the cloud with a touch. Take your business to the next level today with Portwell’s Industrial Panel PC!

FUDA3-S1X22, Industrial Panel PC

FUDA3 Multi-Touch Panel PC (10.4" / 12.1" / 15")

Fan-less & Wide Temperature Support

Get outstanding performance from the FUDA3 Series multi-touch Panel PC. This fanless, projective capacitive touch technology is designed to be solid and reliable in industrial environments. An Intel® Atom x7-E3950 Quad-core processor powers it with broad operating temperature support. An ideal HMI for industrial markets.

FUDA3-1x12 , Industrial Panel PC

FUDA3 Single-Touch Panel PC (10.4" / 12.1" / 15")

Powerful, Flexible, and Upgradeable

The FUDA3 series Panel PC is a slim, fan-less 5-wire resistive touch panel PC powered by an Intel® Atom x7-E3950 Quad-core processor. It features high-speed UARTs support, effortless upgrade, nameplate customization, and more for a more robust and flexible experience. Get ready for the future with the FUDA3 series Panel PC.

FUDA2-S1x11, Industrial Panel PC

FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC
(10.4" / 12.1" / 15" / 17" / 19" / 18.5")

Ideal Industrial HMI Solution

Get the perfect touchscreen solution for industrial applications with the FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC. Powered by an Intel® Bay Trail Quad-core Processor and featuring broad temperature support and a fan-less design, this projective capacitive touch screen is an ideal Human Machine Interface for the industrial market. With flexible I/O support, you can easily integrate this into any industrial environment.
FUDA2-S1x21, Industrial Panel PC

FUDA2 Single-Touch Panel PC
(10.4" / 12.1" / 15" / 17" / 19" / 18.5")

Ideal for Semi-Outdoor Applications

The FUDA2 Single-Touch Panel PC is designed for outdoor use with broad temperature support and a fan-less design. Powered by an Intel® Bay Trail Quad-core Processor, it offers more power and flexibility than ever before. Easily upgrade and enjoy effortless operation with this robust and reliable panel PC.

LEAD Series Industrial Display

LEAD PND Series, Industrial Panel PC

LEAD-Portwell Networking Display (21.5" / 23.6")

LEAD-PND Series – Stylish, Slim, and Projective Capacitive Touch Monitor

Discover the newest LEAD-PND series stylish, slim, and projective capacitive touch monitor powered by AllWinner® A83T with a fanless design. Enjoy 10-point multi-touch and Android 6.0 support with 1GB DDR3L and 16G eMMC on board. Upgrade your computing experience today!

LEAD-PD Series, Industrial Panel PC

LEAD- Portwell Display (21.5" / 23.6")

LEAD-PD Series - High Resolution & 10-Point P-CAP Multi-Touch Monitor

The LEAD-PD Series of monitors offer the perfect solution for displaying information in various environments. Featuring a fanless design, full HD 1080p resolution, 10-point P-CAP multi-touch screen, high contrast ratio, fast response time, and solid IP65 water & dustproof front bezel—this monitor is perfect for any application.

COMBO Multi-Touch Human Machine Interface (10.1")

COMBO Multi-Touch HMI Panel PC

COMBO Multi-Touch Panel PC (10.1")

Compact and Projective Capacitive Touch Panel PC with NXP i.MX 6 Series Processor

The COMBO Multi-Touch HMI is a powerful and compact touch screen panel PC featuring a projective capacitive multi-touch screen, broad operating temperature support, and CAN bus connectivity, all powered by the powerful NXP i.MX 6 Series family of processors. Make your next project a success with the COMBO Multi-Touch HMI.

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