Italian AWP Box

Consumers’ enthusiasm for gaming has made governments around the world look forward to the market opportunities and rich taxation behind this gaming industry. For example, after the legalized operation of the AWP gaming machine, the Italian government has brought a different look to the licensed gaming industry. AWP is a standard under Comma 6a.
Amusement With Prize (AWP) is different from the slot machine. As its name, AWP can be exchanged for other awards like prizes or tokens, but it cannot be exchanged for real currency.
Therefore, it is generally not placed in casino but in places of shops, restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc.
We have customized solutions for customers in the Italian market and meet COMMA 6a requirements so that customers can recognize our design capabilities and make orders proceed smoothly.

Italian AWP Box Features

Machine design

The system machine will have multiple switch detection devices, in order to avoid misjudgment during operation lead to AWP shut down, which will affect casino revenue. In addition to the importance of the detection devices, it’s assembly to the mechanical cabinet should also be carefully attended

Logic Unit Design

The design of 56 Pin golden fingers on the motherboard should comply with Italian JAMMA specifications.
In addition, voltage design needs to be aware of the demands to be able to handle with various PSUs quality. During operating, it can ensure that the motherboard can run smoothly, avoid restarting or other abnormal functions…etc.

Data Storage

The critical data inside the motherboard must be retained even when the power is off, and the retention time must be at least more than one year. In addition, we also take into consideration the customer market environment, such as humidity, temperature, and soot. Therefore, we pay attention to the above environmental characteristics in the material selection and system design.

Smart Card Reader System

The new standard set by AAMS must add a smart card reader device to the game machine and use the government’s central control system to monitor the entire casino machine operation.
To avoid the problem of money fraud, the problem of gambling among young people under legal age, gaming machine need to follow the rules such as putting warnings on machine and limit round of bets, and length of time spent on. If all the restrictions reach the limit, the machine can also be blocked.

Italian AWP Box Solution

We also provide a cost-effective system solution-PGS-5326 for gaming machine that are not placed in the casino. PGS-5326 is based on AMD platform with 20+72 pin gold finger design, dual display, and also support necessary hardware game functions. We can also provide customized products according to different customer needs.

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